Disposable screen-printed enzyme sensor for simultaneous determination of starch and glucose
On-line monitoring of ethanol : in relation to the rate of carbon dioxide evolved
Rapid continuous colorimetric enzyme assay for penicillin G acylase
Continuous interesterification of butteroil and conjugated linoleic acid in a tubular reactor packed with an immobilized lipase
Stabilization of Micrococcus lysodeikticus cells towards lysis by lysozyme using glutaraldehyde : application as a novel biospecific ligand for the purification of lysozyme
High purity, high yield procedure for butyrolactone I production from Aspergillus terreus
Quantification of protopectinase SE, an endopolygalacturonase with pectin-releasing activity from Geotrichum klebahnii
Purification of polysaccharides from a biofilm matrix by selective precipitation of proteins
Method for the characterization of size-exclusion chromatography media for preparative purification of DNA restriction fragments*
Lipase immobilisation on to polymeric membranes
A rapid plate culture method for screening of amylase producing micro-organisms
Biological uptake of influent organic matter as an electron donor for denitrification by activated sludge
Characterisation of percentage viability of Streptomyces clavuligerus using image analysis
Substrates that limit high density cultures of Spodoptera frugiperda cells
An optimized protocol for rapid and sensitive application of southern (Northern) hybridization by using fluorescein labeling and detecting system
Construction and application of new Corynebacterium glutamicum vectors