Multi-compartmental models of contaminant fate in the environment
Pesticide distribution and movement
Organic environmental analyses by mass spectrometry*
The use of QSARs for heterogeneous chemical substances
The regulation of hazardous chemicals
Biochemical biomarkers and potentiation of toxicity
New trends in biological monitoring
Yeast strains to detect genomic deletions induced by carcinogens in cell-cycle arrested cells
Comparison of conventional immunoassays (RIA, ELISA) with surface plasmon resonance for pesticide detection and monitoring
Oxidative Stress and Cancer
The use and interpretation of biomarkers of environmental genotoxicity in humans
Mutagenic Chemicals
Industrial Chemicals and Human Cancer
Diets, Food Components and Human Cancer
The Role of Genetically-based Metabolic Polymorphisms in Human Cancer
The Causes and Prevention of Cancer