Multi-compartmental models of contaminant fate in the environment
Pesticide distribution and movement
Organic environmental analyses by mass spectrometry*
The use of QSARs for heterogeneous chemical substances : meaning, predictive capability, and practical applications
The regulation of hazardous chemicals : Role of ecotoxicology in decision making
Biochemical biomarkers and potentiation of toxicity
New trends in biological monitoring : application of biomarkers to genetic ecotoxicology
Yeast strains to detect genomic deletions induced by carcinogens in cell-cycle arrested cells
Comparison of conventional immunoassays (RIA, ELISA) with surface plasmon resonance for pesticide detection and monitoring
Oxidative Stress and Cancer : The Role of Redox Regulation
The use and interpretation of biomarkers of environmental genotoxicity in humans
Mutagenic Chemicals : Their Significance
Industrial Chemicals and Human Cancer
Diets, Food Components and Human Cancer
The Role of Genetically-based Metabolic Polymorphisms in Human Cancer : An Ecological Study of Bladded Cancer and N-Acetyltransferase in 23 Populations
The Causes and Prevention of Cancer : The Role of Environment