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Long-term studies of relapse prevention in bipolar disorder – BALANCE
Neuroplasticity and cellular resilience in bipolar disorder
Shared genetic susceptibility for bipolar and schizophrenic disorders
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Bipolar depression – phenomenological overview and clinical characteristics
Bipolar depression; course of illness
Advances in the pharmacological treatment of bipolar depression
What is the role for psychotherapy in bipolar disorders?
Behaviour and mood problems in children of bipolar parents
Course of bipolar disorder in pregnancy
Rapid-cycling and mixed states in adolescents and the elderly
Changing prescription patterns for lithium and divalproex in the treatment of bipolar disorder in old age
Psychiatric comorbidity in bipolar disorder
Comorbid bipolar disorder and panic disorder
Somatic comorbidity
A collaborative approach to the treatment alliance
Combining medication and psychoeducation for the prevention of relapse in bipolar disorder
Changes in brain activation in bipolar patients with increasing number of depressive episodes
Heterogeneity of bipolar disorder
A case control study in the use of telemedicine for treatment adherence and improved outcomes in remote and rural patients with bipolar disorder
Prevalence rates of medical conditions in a bipolar affective disorder population
Divalproex sodium vs. lithium carbonate in the treatment of children and adolescents with bipolar disorder
Efficacy and acceptability of valproate in acute mania
Why are some depressions worsened by antidepressant?
Pharmacological treatment of bipolar disorder
Noninvasive assessment of circadian rhythms in remitted bipolar patient
Clinical experience with topiramate in a psychiatric-based weight management programme
An fMRI study of altered load-response characteristics during verbal working memory task performance in euthymic bipolar I disorder
Familial relationship between bipolar disorder alcohol and heroin dependence
Validation of the Palm LifeChart
Effectiveness of a population-based care management program for people with bipolar disorder
Is adjunctive CBT superior to psychoeducation in the maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder?
Valproate-induced inositol depletion via inhibition of myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase activity
The follow-up study of persistent tardive dyskinesia in patients with bipolar disorder
Clinical characterization of acute mania
A 1H-MRS study of the anterior cingulate gyrus in euthymic bipolar patients taking lithium
Interpersonal problems of bipolar patients
When bipolar disorder is in order
Bipolar disorder – specific reduction of transient receptor potential channel – three levels in B-lymphoblasts exposed chronically to lithium
Systematic comparison between mood-congruent vs. mood-incongruent psychotic features in acute mania
Does prophylaxis-delay in bipolar disorder influence outcome? A long-term study of 147 patients
Prophylaxis of schizoaffective disorder with lithium or carbamazepine
Dysphoric mania
Patterns of weight gain in bipolar patients treated with olanzapine or divalproex
A new instrument for assessing barriers to health care access
Mood patterns in patients with bipolar disorder
Number of medications and self-reported mood in patients with bipolar disorder
Comprehensive nutrition care to prevent bodyweight gain and metabolic dysfunction associated with olanzapine treatment
Could atypical depression be defined only by presence of reversed vegetative symptoms?
High frequency of bipolar spectrum and depressive mixed state in depressed outpatients
A comparison of medical chart diagnosis with SCID consensus diagnosis among bipolar disorder patients
Neurocognitive impairment in bipolar and schizophrenia in-patients
Prophylactic efficacy of oxcarbazepine in bipolar disorder
Risperidone and affective symptoms in children with disruptive behaviour disorders
Cognitive and sensory vulnerabilities in children with early onset bipolar disorder
Treatment satisfaction and compliance with risperidone use in patients with bipolar disorder
Concomitant use of lamotrigine and valproate in bipolar I disorder
In vivo effects of lithium in dorso-lateral prefrontal cortex in healthy human subjects
Quetiapine vs. placebo for acute mania associated with bipolar disorder (STAMP 1)
Declarative memory, mood and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in patients receiving chronic prednisone therapy
Impact of childhood abuse on disease course in veterans with bipolar disorder
Double-blind comparison of high-dose L-thyroxine and thyroxine-triiodothyronine-combination in patients with prophylaxis-refractory affective disorders
The effect of circadian rhythm disruption on mood in a subgroup of patients with bipolar affective disorder
Axis I psychiatric comorbidity in 44 Brazilian outpatients with bipolar disorder
Lamotrigine controls bipolar depression without destabilizing mood
A 20-month, double-blind, maintenance study of lithium vs. divalproex monotherapy in bipolar I and II disorder accompanied by rapid cycling
Remission with risperidone in combination with mood stabilizers in acute bipolar mania
Long-acting risperidone reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety in patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder
Elevated homocysteine and reduced folate levels in bipolar patients treated with valproic acid
Group music therapy and medication compliance
Clinical experience with oxcarbazepine in 56 hospitalized psychiatric patients
Examining social rhythm regularity to predict affective episodes in bipolar spectrum individuals
Bipolar disorder with/without suicidal ideation/behaviour
Risperidone augmentation in rapid-cycling bipolar disorder
Group psychoeducation enhances serum lithium levels stability
Oxcarbazepine for hypomania in bipolar II disorder
Effects of lamotrigine on neurocognitive measures in bipolar I patients
Characteristics of non-verbal memory impairment in euthymic bipolar disorder
Divalproex for the treatment of aggression associated with adolescent mania
The cortisol awakening response in bipolar illness
Oxcarbazepine efficacy/safety in bipolar disorder
Olanzapine in the treatment of rapid-cycling bipolar disorders
An open randomized control study using a spiritually augmented cognitive behaviour therapy for demoralization and treatment adherence in patients with bipolar I depression
Onset of action of olanzapine/fluoxetine combination in bipolar depression
A prospective study of the offspring of bipolar parents responsive and non-responsive to lithium treatment
Treatment resistant bipolar disorder
Prevalence and clinical characteristics of mania in hospitalized adolescents
Antidepressant-induced chronic irritable dysphoria (ACID)
Endogenous cardenolide production bipolar subjects and normal controls in response to prolonged physical activity
PRIVATE expression of sodium potassium ATPase α-isoforms in neuronal and glial cells in culture
Inositol augmentation of mood stabilizers for bipolar depression
Phenomenology and course of paediatric bipolar disorder
Treatment-emergent mania in paediatric bipolar disorder
Depressive symptoms during mania
Hypothyroidism in 175 patients with bipolar I disorder
Divalproex sodium vs. placebo in the treatment of youth at genetic high-risk for developing bipolar disorder
Combination divalproex sodium and lithium treatment in paediatric bipolarity
Investigating the functional interface between dorsal and ventral prefrontal circuitry in bipolar disorder
Mania, menstrual cycle and lithium
Comorbidity and disability in bipolar disorder
Previous episode burden and response to treatment in bipolar I disorder
Efficacy and acceptability of lithium in relapse prevention in bipolar disorder
Effects of newer and older antidepressants in bipolar depression
Quetiapine for rapid-cycling bipolar disorder
Cognitive impairment in late-life bipolar disorder
Clinical time cost of a nurse-psychiatrist disease-management program for bipolar disorder
The regional cerebral blood flow changes in major depressive disorder with and without psychotic features
Mania remission rates in a randomized controlled trial of risperidone
The Individual Therapeutic Plan (ITP) for bipolar spectrum disorders
Symptomatic response to prophylaxis treatment in bipolar I disorder
Efficacy of mood stabilizers augmentation in strict unipolar depression
Habits and use of anti-manic drugs in a naturalistic multi-site survey
European mania in bipolar longitudinal evaluation of medication (EMBLEM) study
Burden of manic versus depressive symptoms in subjects with bipolar disorder
Rapid antimanic effect of risperidone monotherapy
If you want a job done properly, do it yourself — setting up a county-wide lithium database
Long-term monitoring with the NIMH life-chart method improves the course of bipolar illness — first results from the German Stanley Bipolar Treatment Network Centre
Ethyl-eicosapentaenoate (LAX-101)
Patient bias and open randomization in bipolar trials
Clinical features of obsessive-compulsive disorder in patients with bipolar disorder
Obsessive-compulsive and bipolar disorder comorbidity
Legal complications of bipolar disorder accompanied by alcohol, cannabis, or cocaine abuse or dependence
Diagnostic confidence
Pre-morbid adjustment in bipolar disorder
Comparison of comorbid psychiatric disorders in youths with bipolar I disorder
Quetiapine monotherapy for acute mania associated with bipolar disorder (STAMP 1 and STAMP 2)
Direct costs of bipolar disorder in Korea
Identifying BPSD vs. ADHD in a juvenile clinical sample
Concordance in twins for DSM-IIIR functional psychosis according to proband characteristics
Randomized, placebo-controlled trial of eicosapentanoic acid in bipolar depression
Randomized, placebo-controlled trial of eicosapentanoic acid in rapid cycling bipolar disorder
Effects of lamotrigine on quality of life in patients with bipolar I disorder
Affective temperamental features of bipolar patients and their first degree relatives
Affective temperaments and clinical features of bipolar disorder
The risk of developing diabetes in patients with depression or mania
Extended release carbamazepine in bipolar disorders
Predictors of response to lithium and lamotrigine prophylaxis in bipolar I disorder
A 9-week extension of risperidone monotherapy in acute bipolar mania
Risperidone monotherapy in acute bipolar mania
Racial differences in burden of psychiatric and substance use comorbidity
Life stress and the course of early-onset bipolar disorder
Longitudinal data analysis of bipolar patients by mixed model with multiple imputation (PRIVATE)
A pilot risk evaluation of lithium in pregnancy
A randomized trial of an interpersonal/cognitive behavior intervention for preventing bipolar disorder in depressed adolescents. Preliminary results
Rapid and non-rapid cycling bipolar disorder
Topiramate as adjunctive therapy to mood stabilizers in patients with bipolar I or II disorder
Risperidone in borderline personality disorder
Long-term treatment of bipolar disorder
Oxcarbazepine as add-on treatment in patients with bipolar manic, mixed or depressive episode
To compare the efficacy and safety of the new extended release divalproex sodium with the traditional enteric-coated divalproex formulation in a cross sectional group of psychiatric patients
Elevated homocysteine levels in euthymic bipolar disorder patients
Prophylactic effects of phenytoin in bipolar illness
Electroconvulsive therapy in treatment resistant bipolar disorder – case reports
California medicaid costs of atypical antipsychotics in bipolar disorder
Association and linkage studies of serotonergic polymorphisms in bipolar I disorder using familial and unrelated controls
History of trauma in a community sample of pediatric bipolar patients
Long term treatment of bipolar I and II disorder with valproic acid extended release
Aripiprazole vs. placebo in acute mania
Utilization and cost of atypical antipsychotics in medicaid patients with depression
Cognitive schemata of bipolar patients. Do women and men differ?
Prevention of mania is prevention of subsequent cognitive impairment
Neuropsychological profile of children with juvenile-onset bipolar disorder
Cost-effectiveness of atypical antipsychotics in acute bipolar mania
Aripiprazole vs. placebo in acute mania
Impact of weight gain on health-related quality of life (HRQL) of bipolar patients
A randomized controlled trial of cognitive behaviour therapy and supportive therapy for bipolar disorders
Quality of life in bipolar disorder
Magnetic resonance imaging study of thalamus volumes in adolescent bipolar patients
Prevalence and characteristics of the bipolar spectrum in a sample of a defined area of the city of São Paulo, Brazil
Quetiapine adjunctive therapy for acute mania associated with bipolar disorder (SIAM)
Quetiapine in combination with mood stabilizer for the treatment of acute mania associated with bipolar disorder
Symptoms of bipolar disorder in adult-onset vs. juvenile-onset patients
The role of negative parenting and inferential feedback in predicting bipolar spectrum disorder status and negative cognitive style
Oxcarbazepine for the treatment of bipolar disorder
Prevalence of bipolar disorder in a total population of Swedish adolescents
Characteristics of patients treated with Gabapentin referred to a bipolar specialty clinic
Quality of life in euthymic bipolar patients and their family members
Efficacy of electroconvulsive therapy in unipolar or bipolar depression
Group mindfulness based cognitive therapy for bipolar disorder
The immediate processing of schema discrepant meaning in bipolar disorder
Antidepressant-induced adverse effects in juvenile-onset bipolar disorder
The bipolar treatment optimization program
Psycho-education vs. cognitive-behavioural therapy for bipolar disorder
Quetiapine monotherapy vs. placebo for acute bipolar mania (STAMP 2)
An evidence-based pharmacotherapy algorithm in pediatric bipolar disorder
A prospective comparison of risperidone vs. mood stabilizers in pediatric bipolar disorder
Improving patient and primary care understanding of bipolar variations
Separation anxiety symptoms in patients with bipolar disorder
Retrospective chart review on the use of oxcarbazepine in patients with bipolar disorder
Gender differences in the mood patterns of patients with bipolar disorder
Characteristics of responders in a community-based, collaborative randomized clinical trial of cognitive behavioral group therapy for bipolar disorder
Feasibility and acceptance of a randomized clinical trial of cognitive behavioral group therapy for bipolar disorder in a community mental health setting
Systematic review of olanzapine alone or in combination for acute mania
Extrapyramidal symptoms with atypical neuroleptics in bipolar disorder
The mood spectrum in unipolar and bipolar patients
Clinical presentation of bipolar patients with and without co-morbid diabetes mellitus
Brain derived neurotrophic factor gene polymorphism and prefrontal function in bipolar patients
The frequency of bipolar mood disorder among Polish psychiatric depressive outpatients
Effects of lithium and lamotrigine prophylaxis therapy on body weight in patients with bipolar I disorder
Florida Medicaid costs of atypical antipsychotics in bipolar disorder
Combined naltrexone valproate in bipolar alcoholics
Efficacy of valproate in bipolar alcoholics
The subgenual prefrontal cortex of adolescent bipolar patients
Aripiprazole vs. haloperidol for maintained treatment effect in acute mania
The inventory of depressive symptomatology – German translation and validation of self-rated assessment in a sample of bipolar and unipolar patients
Effect of antidepressant use on admissions to hospital among elderly bipolar patients
Mood activating effects of opioid analagesics in patients with bipolar disorder
The use of oxcarbazepine in refractory bipolar outpatients
Phenomenology of rapid cycling bipolar disorder
Cortical grey and white matter volume and cognitive function in bipolar disorder
Galantamine for cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder
Long-term lithium plus lamotrigine combination treatment of bipolar disorder
Characteristics of episodic memory impairments in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
Symptom dimensions in bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia
Ideal treatment from the point of view of patients
The daily-life creativity and bipolar disorders
Which is the best mania rating scale? A comparative study of psychometric properties of Young, CARS-M and Bech-Rafaelsen Scales
Protective effect of pregnancy on bipolar disorder
Substance use disorders and their response to treatment in dual diagnosis bipolar disorder
Growth hormone response to zolmitriptan in acute manic patients
Lithium attenuates the effects of dextro-amphetamine in volunteers
Lithium, but not valproate increases N-acetyl-aspartate concentrations in bipolar patients
The clinical knowledge and research methodology audit (ClinKARMA) study
Mania in the Swedish twin registry
Phenomenology of pediatric bipolar disorder
Psychosocial functioning in bipolar I disorder
Outcome of antidepressant-induced mania
Modifying focussed family therapy for adolescents with bipolar disorder
Olanzapine's efficacy for relapse prevention in bipolar disorder
Olanzapine vs. lithium in relapse prevention in bipolar disorder
A rating scale for the assessment of eating dysfunctions in bipolar disorders (BEDS)
Affective temperamental features in Turkey
The impact of positive family history on affective temperamental features in bipolar patients and their first degree relatives
Personality changes during light therapy in bipolar patients
A counselling intervention for adolescent children of bipolar mothers
Effect of a novel long-acting antipsychotic formulation in stable patients with schizoaffective disorder
Safety and tolerability of lamotrigine in bipolar I disorder
Neuropsychological functioning of children diagnosed with bipolar disorder
The psychosocial impact of bipolar disorders
Psychosocial impairment associated with an arrest history among people with bipolar disorder
Treatment of bipolar disorders – a psychoeducational approach
Psychopathologic features of rapid cycling bipolar patients
Relation between anxiety and sleep quality in bipolar disorder
Canadian Network for Bipolar Disorder (CAN-BD)
The effects of lithium and lamotrigine in prevention of relapse/recurrence of bipolar I depression
Topiramate treatment of comorbid Tourette's and mood disorders
Evaluating the Young Mania Rating Scale in a comorbid sample of outpatients age 5–17 years
Rating scales discriminate BPSD vs. ADHD in a pre-pubescent clinical sample
Predictive value of anxiety symptoms for the maintenance treatment response in bipolar I disorder