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The neurobiology of bipolar disorder
Monotherapy or combination therapy for bipolar disorder
New treatment insights for bipolar disorders
The use of antidepressants in the treatment of bipolar depression
Bipolar depression
Suicide in treated bipolar mood disorder
Optimizing treatment to prevent relapse
New treatment strategies for enhancing outcomes during the maintenance phase
Improve compliance by enhancing functional outcomes
Assessing functional disability in bipolar disorder
The life skills profile
Subjective life satisfaction versus objective functioning in bipolar and unipolar patients at follow-up
Effects of clinical, demographic variables and personality factors on multiple domains of functioning-experience with the first 500 STEP-BD patients
Treatment outcome and function in bipolar disorder
The lived experience and needs of people with bipolar disorder
Different perspectives on a psychosocial intervention for bipolar disorder
Wounded healers
Lithium's Australian foot-soldiers
Practical management of bipolar disorder and substance abuse
Differential treatment response of depression in bipolar alcoholics compared with unipolar depressed alcoholics
Eye movement and working memory impairment in bipolar illness compared with schizophrenia
Deformation field morphometry findings in bipolar disorder
Outcomes in bipolar disorder
Early identification of the prodromal phase of bipolar
Using a collaborative model
What are the active ingredients of adjunctive psychotherapies in bipolar disorder?
The mechanism of action of psychoeducation in bipolar disorder
Neuroanatomical substrates of affective processing in health and mood disorders
Biological mechanisms of mood stability with atypical antipsychotics
Anatomical MRI studies in bipolar disorder
Brain imaging correlates of cognitive dysfunctions in bipolar disorder
Frontal lobology in emotional disorders
Evidence-based psychological treatments that work for bipolar disorders
Systematic illness management skills enhancement programme – bipolar disorder (SIMSEP-BD) – shows evidence of enhanced outcomes for bipolar disorder patients
Does the assessment of inter-episode symptoms matter in stable bipolar disorder patients?
Electroconvulsive therapy for bipolar disorder
Exploring the antimanic properties of ECT
Maintenance ECT and bipolar disorder
ECT and mood stabilizers
TMS – a potential treatment for bipolar disorder?
Complementary or confrontational? Support groups and treatment of bipolar disorder
Improving patient outcomes
Advocating for improved services and supports for people affected with bipolar disorder – SANE Australia's perspective
Therapeutic modalities for bipolar spectrum disorder youth
‘Me, bipolar?’
InfraPsych bipolar affective disorder recovery road program
Designing, building and implementing internet-based disease management systems
Mood disorders after mild traumatic brain injuries
Analysis of treatment-emergent mania with olanzapine/fluoxetine combination
Olanzapine/fluoxetine combination in the treatment of rapid-cycling bipolar depression
Demographic and clinical characteristics of the hospitalized patients with bipolar disorders at a university hospital in Korea
Add-on quetiapine for patients with bipolar disorder
Bipolar comprehensive outcomes study (BCOS)
Olanzapine's efficacy for relapse prevention in bipolar disorder
Role of olanzapine in the prophylaxis of peurperal psychosis
Open-label maintenance treatment for bipolar depression using olanzapine or olanzapine/fluoxetine combination
Olanzapine in the relapse prevention of bipolar disorder based on DSM-IV syndromic criteria
Open-label use of lamotrigine maintenance treatment in bipolar depression
The effects of lithium and lamotrigine in prevention of relapse/recurrence of bipolar I depression
Burden of manic versus depressive symptoms in subjects with bipolar disorder
Manic switch rates and possible risk factors
Neurocognitive functions in remitted patients of bipolar I disorder
The daily life creativity and bipolar disorders
Olanzapine treatment in juvenile lithium resistant manic patients
Bipolar-panic comorbidity within bipolar families
Neuropsychological deficits observed during the illness episode persist in euthymia
Impact of familiality and consanguinity on symptom severity in bipolar disorder
The association between interpersonal social characteristics of PTSD patients with mental disorder severity in Isfahan
Add-on therapy of risperidone in combination with mood stabilizers in bipolar mania
P50 suppression study in a sample of type I euthymic bipolar patients, their relatives and normal controls
Growth hormone response to zolmitriptan in acute manic patients
Inositol, the missing link in understanding the pathophysiology of bipolar affective disorder
Treatment and economic outcomes in patients with bipolar disorder
Effects of lamotrigine on quality of life in patients with bipolar I disorder
Effects of lamotrigine on neurocognitive measures in bipolar I patients
Lamotrigine and lithium as maintenance treatment for bipolar I disorder
Lamotrigine controls bipolar depression without destabilizing mood
Safety and tolerability of lamotrigine in bipolar I disorder
Effects of lithium and lamotrigine prophylaxis on body weight in patients with bipolar I disorder
Topiramate and sibutramine in the treatment of psychotropic drug-induced obesity
Cognitive behavioural management of patients with bipolar disorder relapsing while on lithium prophylaxis
A trend of drug use in inpatients with bipolar I disorder
High doses of venlafaxine in treatment-resistant depression
Galantamine for cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder
Lamotrigine as effective treatment in young people with bipolar affective disorder
Bipolar patients' satisfaction and acceptability of long-term adjunctive therapy with gabapentin
Concomitant use of lamotrigine with lithium or valproate in bipolar I disorder
Pharmacokinetic interaction and tolerability of lamotrigine and olanzapine co-administration in healthy volunteers
EEG abnormalities associated with antipsychotics
Responsible factors for relapses, reoccurrences and refractoriness in the management of bipolar affective disorder
Olanzapine in the treatment of rapid-cycling bipolar disorders
An open label study of quietapine in the treatment of rural patients with bipolar disorder and amphetamine abuse
A case–control study in the use of telemedicine for treatment adherence and improved outcomes in rural patients with bipolar disorder
A study of the prevalence of interepisodal symptoms including demoralization in bipolar patients being managed in maintenance phase of the illness
Characterizing suicidal behaviour in comorbid bipolar disorder and alcoholism
Switching to quetiapine in patients with acute mania who were intolerant of risperidone
Combination of mood stabilizer with quetiapine for treatment of acute bipolar disorder
Aripiprazole in acute mania
Safety and tolerability of aripiprazole versus placebo in acute mania
Baseline characteristics of a bipolar manic patient group enrolled in a 1-year observational study of health outcomes in Turkey
Which is the best mania rating scale? A comparative study of psychometric properties of Young, CARS-M and Bech–Rafaelsen Scales
Zotepine loading in acute and severely manic patients