Selected papers from the Sixth International Conference on Bipolar Disorder
Diagnosing bipolar disorder in trauma exposed primary care patients
Early identification and high-risk strategies for bipolar disorder
Rates, types, and psychosocial correlates of legal charges in adolescents with newly diagnosed bipolar disorder
Is a lack of disgust something to fear? A functional magnetic resonance imaging facial emotion recognition study in euthymic bipolar disorder patients
The nature of abnormal language processing in euthymic bipolar I disorder
COMT genotype increases risk for bipolar I disorder and influences neurocognitive performance
Heterogeneity of the risk of suicidal behavior in bipolar-spectrum disorders
Effects of treatment latency on response to maintenance treatment in manic-depressive disorders
Effectiveness of mood stabilizers and antipsychotics in the maintenance phase of bipolar disorder
Quetiapine monotherapy in the treatment of patients with bipolar I or II depression and a rapid-cycling disease course
A 24-week, randomized, controlled trial of adjunctive sibutramine versus topiramate in the treatment of weight gain in overweight or obese patients with bipolar disorders