New research perspectives in the treatment of bipolar disorder in older adults
Quetiapine for the treatment of bipolar mania in older adults
Service delivery in older patients with bipolar disorder
Short-term course of neuropsychological abilities in middle-aged and older adults with bipolar disorder
Brain lithium, N-acetyl aspartate and myo-inositol levels in older adults with bipolar disorder treated with lithium
Double-blind randomized controlled study comparing short-term efficacy of bifrontal and bitemporal electroconvulsive therapy in acute mania
Regional brain changes in bipolar I depression
Severity of mood symptoms and work productivity in people treated for bipolar disorder
Treatment-emergent mania/hypomania in unipolar patients
Cerebellar ataxia in youths at risk for bipolar disorder
Sequencing of substance use and affective morbidity in 166 first-episode bipolar I disorder patients
Missed bipolarity and psychiatric comorbidity in women with postpartum depression
Bipolar disorder, homocysteine and white matter hyperintensities
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