Hypomania: hype or mania?
Striatal structure and function in mood disorders: a comprehensive review
Family-based association analysis to finemap bipolar linkage peak on chromosome 8q24 using 2,500 genotyped SNPs and 15,000 imputed SNPs
Auditory steady state response in bipolar disorder: relation to clinical state, cognitive performance, medication status, and substance disorders
Differentiation between bipolar disorder and schizophrenia revealed by neural oscillation to speech sounds: an MEG study
Increased peripheral blood expression of electron transport chain genes in bipolar depression
Short-term administration of uridine increases brain membrane phospholipid precursors in healthy adults: a 31-phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy study at 4T
Immune activation by casein dietary antigens in bipolar disorder
Social competence and observer-rated social functioning in bipolar disorder
The relationship of bipolar disorder lifetime duration and vascular burden to cognition in older adults
One-year post-hospital medical costs and relapse rates of bipolar disorder patients in Taiwan: a population-based study
Prefrontal and paralimbic metabolic dysregulation related to sustained attention in euthymic older adults with bipolar disorder
Association of Per3 gene with bipolar disorder: comment on “Association study of 21 circadian genes with bipolar I disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and schizophrenia”
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