A debate: what is pediatric bipolar disorder?
What is pediatric bipolar disorder?
Lifestyle factors in optimising therapeutic outcomes
Psychoeducation in bipolar patients
Functional remediation for bipolar disorder
Novel strategies to improve generalizability of maintenance trial results in Bipolar Disorder (BD)
Design of clinical trials in bipolar disorders
Lithium and anticonvulsant mood stabilizers lamotrigine and divalproex for bipolar depression
A translational perspective in the search for improved treatments for bipolar disorder
Efficacy versus pragmatic effectiveness trials in the long-term treatment of bipolar disorder: The lithium story
Efficacy versus pragmatic effectiveness trials - The antipsychotic story
Efficacy vs pragmatic effectiveness trials in the long-term treatment of bipolar disorder: The lamotrigine story
Efficacy vs pragmatic effectiveness trials in the long-term treatment of bipolar disorder: the valproate story
Neural basis of behavioral phenotypes of mice with neuron specific accumulation of mtDNA mutations
Synaptosomal associated protein-25 and oxidative damage in bipolar disorder.
Novel therapeutics opportunities for bipolar disorder: New research data.
A multi-disciplinary approach to studying mitochondrial abnormalities in bipolar disorder
Optimizing treatment outcome for bipolar disorder with comorbid addictive disorders
Impulse control disorders comorbidity in bipolar disorder
The journey of addiction in bipolar disorder
The treatment of complex bipolar disorder
Treatment options for acute depression in bipolar disorder
Maintenance treatments in bipolar disorder
Treatment of mania and mixed states
The pittsburgh bipolar offspring study
Attachment, temperament, and cortisol profiles in the offspring of bipolar parents
Predictors of the longitudinal course of mood disorders in children and adolescents
Prevalence and the course of psychopathology in a prospective Dutch bipolar offspring cohort - A 12 year follow-up
Women are more vulnerable for thyroid function abnormality in bipolar disorder
How to be a mother: Pregnancy and breastfeeding planning for women with bipolar disorder
Childbirth and bipolar disorder: challenges and opportunities
Brain derived neurotrophic factor in women with bipolar disorder compared to controls
Update on diagnostic criteria for bipolar disorders
The DSM-5 field trials and bipolar disorders
The Bipolar spectrum: from temperament to genes
Individual differences and evidence based psychopharmacology
Genetic studies in bipolar disorder
Prediction of disease vulnerability and treatment response in mood disorders: Personalized medicine in psychiatry
Cross-Cultural insights into the assessment and treatment of bipolar disorder
Psychosocial approach to bipolar disorders: Developing a culture-specific model
The effect of group psychoeducation on the Korean patients with bipolar disorder
Psychosocial community approach for bipolar patients from mexico
The effect of CACNA1C rs1006737 polymorphism on brain structure, function and connectivity in BD
Delineating the genetic architecture of bipolar disorder with neurocognitive, neuroimaging and transcriptional endophenotypes
Bipolar endophenotypes in a genetically isolated population
Lithium, still a major option in the management of bipolar disorder
Reasons to use lithium in bipolar disorders and obstacles in real world
Combination of lithium with atypical antipsychotics for the long-term management of bipolar disorder
Clinical correlates of antidepressant - induced mania
A meta-analysis examining risk of switch following treatment with antidepressants in patients with bipolar depression.
The clinical phenotype of antidepressant-induced mania: Previous methodologic limitations and recommendations for future studies
Biomarkers in mood disorders: What role might genes play?
Biomarkers in mood disorders: Integrating neuroimaging and clinical markers
Plasma proteomics and High Dimensional Bioinformatics: New tools for understanding the mechanisms of depressive illness.
Imaging central GABA and glutamate abnormalities in MDD
Research networks for bipolar disorder: Why and What For?
Factors associated with age at onset of bipolar disorder
Depression among women's adolescents: A WPA concern
Examination of the predictive value of structural MR scans in bipolar disorder: a pattern classification approach
ISBD neuroimaging task force report
Imaging genetic risk in bipolar disorder
Imaging oxidative stress cascade in bipolar disorder
Challenging the stigma in bipolar disorders
Where do bipolar support groups fail? Lessons from turkey
International issues in patient advocacy
The effect of lithium and age on brain volume in patients with bipolar disorder
Impact of first-episode polarity on clinical features associated to suicide attempts in bipolar disorder type I patients
Towards an assessment tool for mixed depression: a multinational study using modified Hypomania Checklist (mHCL) in bipolar and unipolar depression
Monozygotic twins discordant for bipolar disorder show functional DNA methylation changes in whole blood and brain.
Suicidal behaviors in bipolar children: a community-based multisite investigation
The Illness Cognitions Scale: a new scale to measure maladaptive illness beliefs and behaviors that may impede recovery
Sensitivity and specificity of the Mood Disorders Questionnaire as a screening for bipolar disorder during pregnancy and postpartum
The effect of emotion regulation on cortico-limbic coupling in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
Childhood maltreatment and physical health problems among people with bipolar disorder
Personalized pharmacotherapy for bipolar disorder: genetic predictors of response to lithium
Aberrant set points of the immune system in a Dutch bipolar offspring cohort - twelve year follow up
Reduced inferior frontal gyrus activation during emotion inhibition in young people at increased genetic risk for bipolar disorder
DNA hypomethylation of MB-COMT promoter and the first exon of HTR2A in DNA derived from saliva in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Association between Premenstrual Mood Exacerbation in bipolar disorder with reproductive hormone-related mood disturbances: findings from STEP-BD
Treatment resistant bipolar depression: a randomized controlled trial of electroconvulsive therapy
Impact of increased body mass index on brain white matter integrity in first episode mania
Pattern classification of gray matter density in unipolar, bipolar I, and bipolar II patients using voxel-based morphometry and bayesian classifier
Early identification of affective disorder, first results from a 5 to 7 years follow-up high-risk study
Neural Activity During Emotion Processing in Bipolar versus Unipolar Depression in Adolescents
Executive function deficits and morphological brain changes in patients with bipolar I disorder following recovery from a first manic episode
A nested population-based case-control study on peripheral inflammation markers and brain-derived neurotrophic factor in early-stage mood disorders
Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Juvenile Bipolar Disorder and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: differentiation using BDNF serum levels, and Val66Met polymorphism
Making the right decisions to prevent recurrence in the long-term treatment of bipolar disorder
A Journey from Pole to Pole: Today's Challenging Patient *
From Pole to Pole: Travelling to the Future*
Time to revisit the definition and treatment of bipolar I disorder in a multidimensional way
Inhibitory controls in bipolar and major depressive disorder: a NIRS study
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder comorbid with bipolar disorder does not enhance cognitive impairment
The relationship between residual symptoms and sociodemographic features, characteristics of the disorder and the treatment and functionality of the remitted bipolar disorder patients
Frequency of antipsychotic drug using on long-term treatment of bipolar disorder
Adult attention deficiency-hyperactivity disorder with bipolar disorder: the good clinical outcomes of a case with stimulant treatment
Insights into the neurobiology of bipolar disorder from patients with comorbid epilepsy
Internalized stigma of individuals with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
Comparison of coping strategies and personality traits between bipolar patients and control group
Lamotrigine as a mood stabilizer: data from a specialized mood clinic in Turkey
Low rates of alcohol use among Turkish bipolar patients: cultural or genetic?
Bipolar disorder, substance use and violent behavior: what are the relationships?
Comparison of comorbidity pattern of obsessive compulsive disorder in children and adults with bipolar I disorder
Psychomotor speed and coordination in bipolar disorder
Effects of concurrent pharmacotherapy on ECT applications and on maintenance following ECT
To compare bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with regard to neurological soft signs
Reliability and validity of Turkish version of biological rhythms interview of assessment in neuropsychiatry
Reliability and validity study of the Turkish version of functioning assessment short test in bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder in current practice: analysis of a multinational observational study (WAVE-bd) with Turkish recruitment data*
The frequency of dissociative symptoms and bipolar disorder comorbidity of patients with conversion disorder
The frequency of adult attention-deficit hyperactivity and bipolar disorders in parents of ADHD children
Adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder of frequency in first-degree relatives of bipolar patients
A comparative study of heart rate variability among adolescent siblings of patients with bipolar disorder type I and matched controls
Differences in psychophysiological parameters in patients with bipolar disorder, depression remitted and healthy controls submitted to a cognitive paradigm.
Imipramine reverses depressive-like parameters in pneumococcal meningitis survivor rats
Dysphoric State in Mood Disorders: a clinical marker of Bipolar Disorder?
Psychiatric comorbidity of heroin and alcohol dependence and bipolar disorder treatment within work-occupational therapy
Differentiating between bipolar disorder type II and major depressive disorder
Abstract Withdrawn
Burden in care givers of patients with schizophrenia and mood disorders: a cross sectional comparative study from central India
Pharmacologic strategies used by Venezuelan psychiatrists in the treatment of acute manic episodes in patients with bipolar disorder
Pharmacologic strategies used by Venezuelan psychiatrists in the treatment of acute depressive episode in patients with bipolar I and II disorder
Scientometrics study of bipolar disorder in web of science (2006-2010)
An adolescent with Asperger's disorder and comorbid bipolar disorder: a case report
The Turkish version of the mixed state scale in bipolar disorder
Antidepressant-induced hypomanic switch predictors in social anxiety disorder patients
The clinical impact of mood disorder comorbidity on social anxiety disorder
COMT allele (Met158) modulates facial emotion recognition in bipolar disorder I mood episodes and in healthy controls
Is there a functional brain imaging biomarker of bipolar disorder? a systematic review and meta-analysis
Improving criteria for differentiating bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder in patients experiencing a major depressive episode
Altered levels of Neuron Specific Enolase (NSE) in patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
Predictors of transition into bipolar disorder after the first lifetime depressive episode
Varenicline-induced psychotic depressive episode in a patient with bipolar disorder
Anxiety disorders in rapid-cycling bipolar youths: a cohort study of a national managed care database
Can serum BDNF levels be identified as a candidate endophenotype in bipolar disorder?
DNA damage in bipolar disorder: a quantitative assessment by using Gas Chromatography-Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)*
Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency in patients with bipolar disorder compared to health controls
Integrating clinical impressions and symptomatic severity in depressed patients with bipolar disorders
The metabolic syndrome in drug-naïve bipolar II disorder patients and the influence of 12-week pharmacological intervention on metabolic disturbances
Comparisons of cognitive function between euthymic older people with previous history of bipolar disorder and those with major depression: homocysteine related?
Artists ‘In the Mood’
Gender differences in first episode mania
Regained control: lived experience of patients suffering from bipolar disorder with a relapse prevention plan, a phenomenological study
Adding quetiapine to antidepressants in the depressive episode of bipolar disorder II - case report
Bipolar disorder in Women: a comparative study of homeopathic treatment with aurum metallicum, natrum muriaticum and ammonium carbonicum versus Tegretol®
Associations of selective attention with trait features in remitted bipolar patients
How to facilitate the diagnosis of bipolar disorder: The use of long and short version of the TEMPS-A scale (Temperament Evaluation of Memphis, Pisa, Paris and San Diego - Autoquestionnaire)
Association of homocysteine and methionine levels with cognition and functioning in bipolar disorder
Levels of TNF-α, soluble TNF receptors (sTNFR1, sTNFR2) and cognitive impairment in bipolar disorder
The effects of psychodrama on depression among women with chronic mental disorder
Evaluation of weight and metabolic parameters after switching from olanzapine to aripiprazole: a clinical case series of bipolar patients
A case report on treatment of bipolar disorder of 10 years via faradarmani
Abstract Withdrawn
Factors related to misdiagnosis in bipolar disorder with psychotic symptoms
Affective temperament characteristics and bipolar disorder comorbidity in obsessive compulsive disorder
Cognitive style in bipolar II disorder
Is cognitive impairment a core element in the affective psychosis?
Mixed episodes of bipolar disorder vs personality disorder
Pathophysiology of bipolar disorder and inflammatory mediators
Drugs not included in the bipolar disorder treatment guidelines
Assessment of mood disorders prevalence in Brazilian military population
Delay in bipolar disorder treatment is correlated to an adverse course of illness
The staging model of bipolar disorder and cognitive functioning: a comparison with patients with schizophrenia
Misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder in youth
Electroconvulsive therapy in bipolar disorder
Smoking and bipolar disorder
Recognizing bipolar disorder in patients with PTSD a case report
1H MRS of hippocampus in bipolar disorder after recovery from the first episode of mania
Brain glutamate levels measured by MRS in patients with bipolar disorder: a meta-analysis
Twenty-year multi-follow-up of hallucinations in psychotic and mood disorders
A Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy study of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex in youth with emotional dysregulation
The effects of manic and depressive symptoms on the circadian rhythmicity of activity levels in bipolar disorder
Psychosocial functioning in first-versus multiple episode bipolar patients
Do contemporary maintenance treatment study designs in bipolar disorder demonstrate that atypical antipsychotics are mood stabilizers?
Recognizing prodromes of manic or depressive recurrence in outpatients with bipolar disorder: a cross-sectional study
Role of biomarkers in the staging of bipolar disorder: inflammatory factors and oxidative stress
Social cognition in young people at-risk for bipolar disorder: associations with neurocognition and emotion regulation
Abstract Withdrawn
Analysis of mitochondrial complexes activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of bipolar disorder, schizophrenic and healthy subjects
Health help-seeking behavior in patients with bipolar disorder: the effect of sex on use of medicine and health help-seeking behavior in patients with bipolar disorder
Brain oscillations in bipolar disorder as emerging biomakers
Subjective experiences of offspring of bipolar patients: from memories of childhood to attitudes and behavioural patterns in adulthood
Variations in CYP2D6 metabolism in bipolar disorder: a study on patients hospitalized in emergency psychiatric ward
Moral judgments in euthymic patients with bipolar disorder*
Neuropsychological correlates of autobiographical memory in bipolar disorder: a preliminary study*
Regional gray matter abnormalities in first-episode bipolar disorder
Creatine alterations in the hippocampus in bipolar I disorder - a 3T 1H-MRS study
Bipolar disorder comorbidity and affective temperament in panic disorder
Default mode network in children at risk for bipolar disorder: preliminary resting-state fMRI findings
A prospective study of activation syndrome induced by antidepressants
Therapeutic drug monitoring of risperidone in bipolar disorder: a case report
Affective prosody in remitted patients with bipolar I disorder
Characteristics of late onset bipolar disorder: evaluation using the bipolarity Index
Anthropometric parameters in neonates exposed prenatally to lithium or polytherapy
Cognitive functioning during depressive and manic episodes in bipolar disorder
Postdischarge suicides of inpatients with bipolar disorder in Finland in 1987-2003
Electronic self-monitoring of patients with bipolar disorder
Abstract Withdrawn
More eveningness in the patients with BP type II than BP type I disorder
Quetiapine for manic-like symptoms in a patient with mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke-like episodes (MELAS) syndrome
Lithium monotherapy and metabolic syndrome
Effect of valproic acid through regulation of NMDA receptor-ERK signaling in sleep deprivation rats, the manic-like animal model
Significance of homocysteine to the cardiovascular risk in bipolar disorder
Possible preattentive auditory dysfunction in bipolar disorder: a magnetoencephalography study
Clinical characteristics and pattern of drug use in a population of crack cocaine users with and without mood disorders
A placebo-controlled, double-blind study of the efficacy and safety of aripiprazole for the treatment of acute manic or mixed episodes in Asian patients with bipolar I disorder (The AMAZE Study)
Are depressive episodes of bipolar disorder I and II different?
A comparison before and after using lamotrigine in long term continued treatment: the effect of blood level
Gender specific sexual adverse effects and hormonal variables in bipolar patients: A comparison between lithium, quetiapine and olanzapine
Diabetes in first episode mania: relations with clinical and the other endocrinological and metabolic parameters
The relationship of internalized stigmatization in bipolar disorder with quality of life and treatment compliance
The effects of centralised and specialised outpatient intervention vs. standard treatment in the early course of bipolar disorder: a randomised clinical trial
The neurocognitive profile in depressed therapy resistant bipolar disorder inpatients
Is CHRNA7 associated with childhood inattention of bipolar disorder?
The association between serum leptin, active ghrelin, adiponectin and metabolic syndrome in patients with bipolar disorder
Concurrent validity of the Korean version of the parent and adolescent general behavioral inventories
Seasonality and circadian preference in patients with bipolar disorder and their unaffected siblings
Intracerebroventricular administration of ouabain, a Na/K-ATPase inhibitor, activates tyrosine hydroxylase through extracellular signal-regulated kinase in rat striatum
Reward learning in patients with bipolar disorder: findings from a probabilistic reward task
Psychometric differences of hallucinatory experiences in psychotic and nonclinical population
Increased whole blood brain-derived neurotrophic factor in healthy individuals with a family history of affective disorder: a casecontrol study
An unexpected ultrasonographic finding in lithium treated patients: peripyramidal hyperechogenity
Thyroid abnormalities in lithium treated bipolar patients: a cross sectional study with healthy controls
Bipolar disorder treatment: implications from the staging model perspective
Abstract Withdrawn
Antipsychotic and antidepressant associations: effectiveness retrospective study in a psychiatric hospitalization unit
Serum level of leptin, ghrelin, adiponectin according to mood status in patients with bipolar disorder
NF1A gene can be a susceptibility gene for seasonal pattern mania: a GWAS of bipolar disorder
Interaction of the DRD3 and BDNF gene variants in subtyped bipolar disorder
Subjective and physiological emotional reactivity in normothymic bipolar patients
Valproate plus quetiapine combination therapy in maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder contributes more improvement than either used alone
Adjunctive methylphenidate therapy for patients with treatment-resistant bipolar depression
What is the contribution of executive dysfunction to the cognitive profile of bipolar disorder? A well - controlled direct comparison study
Descriptive features of mixed bipolar outpatients
Prescription patterns in bipolar disorder women
The International Mood Network (IMN): a network created to foster research and improve practice in the treatment of depressive and bipolar illnesses
Add-on memantine to valproate treatment increase HDL in recently depressed patients with bipolar II disorder-a placebo-controlled 12-week study
Risk scale bipolar disorders - usefulness in primary care
An Egyptian comparative study of patients with bipolar disorder and those with unipolar recurrent major depressive disorder from a personality perspective
Risk of recurrence of bipolar disorder in postpartum periods: a retrospective study of 374 female patients
Bipolar affective disorder and substance use: the dual diagnosis in treatment seeking patients experience from chronic conflict zone, Kashmir, India
Pregnancy planning and reproductive health care in women with bipolar disorder
Advancing stage of female reproductive life associated with bipolar illness exacerbation
Treatment-resistant bipolar depression (TRBD): definition and therapeutic strategies
GROUP-based trajectory modeling (GBTM): a good model for understanding patterns of symptom change in acute bipolar mood episodes
Interest of multifamiliy psychoeducation groups
Reproductive characteristics of female outpatients of childbearing age with affective disorders
Genetic contribution to individual variation in binocular rivalry, an endophenotype for bipolar disorder
First manic episode patients - drug consumption, cognitive and general functioning: 1 year follow-up
Employment outcomes in people with bipolar disorder: A systematic review
The difference of morphometric abnormalities in unaffected first-degree relatives of bipolar and major depressive disorder
Bipolar disorder and eating disorder: a frequent comorbidity involving several treatment concerns
Cognitive impairment in bipolar disorder: an endophenotype or a result of disease? A study in bipolar offspring
Yoga as a complementary therapy for the improvement of quality of life in perinatal women with bipolar disorder
Efficacy of life skills training on reducing depressive symptoms in student population
Abstract Withdrawn
Breaking bad news in bipolar disorders: an interview study of patients and physicians
Coping strategies for stressful situations in remitted bipolar patients
Psychoeducation efficacy and symptomatic and functional recovery in severe bipolar disorder
BDNF levels in first-degree relatives of patients with bipolar disorder: preliminary data
The lifetime prevalence of bipolar disorders and the use of antidepressant drugs in bipolar depression in Italy
Sub-threshold depression and antidepressants use in a community sample: searching anxiety and finding bipolar disorder
State related alterations of gene expression in bipolar disorder: A systematic review
Clinical data on co-morbid bipolar symptoms in patients with internet addiction
Neural correlates of trait personality in patients with mood disorders
Personality disorders in patients with mood disorders: are they stable over time?
Met and unmet needs: evidence of significant health and social problems in bipolar II disorders from the MRC UK, ‘ABC’ Cohort study
Gamma band neural synchronization deficits for auditory steady state responses in bipolar disorder
Neuropsychological profiles of impulsivity in bipolar I and II disorders
Support for the involvement of Calreticulin gene in the evolution of cognition in humans
Cognitive impairment in first-episode bipolar I disorder: the processing speed hypothesis
Differential clinical characteristics of prescription of lithium vs. valproate: What do clinicians expect for lithium and valproate?
Lamotrigine for adults with bipolar II disorder and comorbid attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a case series
Psychiatric co-morbidity in migraine patients: the role of family history
Can clinical features determine long term monotherapy lithium response?
Evaluation of first 50 patients in a bipolar disorder unit
Efficiency of long term prophylactic treatment in bipolar disorder
Assessment of axis II burden in a sample of patients affected by bipolar disorder
Protein expression profiles in hippocampus of sleep-deprived mice, the manic-like animal model
The prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Korean patients with bipolar disorder
Concordance with treatment guidelines for bipolar disorder
Cognitive impairment in patients with bipolar disorder during depressive episodes
Phenomenology of first episode bipolar affective disorder
Diagnostic variability amongst the ‘minor bipolar disorders’ by classification systems
Neurocognitive functioning prior to the first manic episode
Clinical predictors of response vs. nonresponse to risperidone: CGI-21 scores after 1 week of treatment in a bipolar disorder population with co-occurring panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder
Prevalence of hypercalcemia in lithium-treated patients with bipolar disorder
Treatment of bipolar disorder in the Netherlands and concordance with treatment guidelines
A functional MRI investigation of the neural correlates of declarative and recognition memory in obese patients with bipolar disorder
A review of services for bipolar disorder offered by community mental health teams (CMHT) in Vancouver, Canada
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Psychosocial functioning in first versus multiple-episode bipolar patients
Pharmaco-epidemiology of dually diagnosed US veterans with bipolar disorder
Intramuscular aripiprazole in mania - clinical experience in the UK
Is serum matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) related to staging in bipolar disorder?
Hypomania Checklist and postpartum depression
The influence of emotional stimuli on time perception of manic patients
Lithium and tamoxifen modulates GSK-3β changes in striatum of rats induced by d-amphetamine in an animal model of mania
Substance use disorders among Iranian bipolar inpatients
Abstract Withdrawn
Bipolar disorder (BD) presented with personality disorder (PD) comorbidity: a prevalence preliminary study
Neurocognitive impairment of euthymic bipolar patients in a Chilean outpatient clinic: a cross-sectional pilot study
Clinical features of bipolar disorder (BD) subjects in a Chilean specialist outpatient clinic
Co-morbidity and psychiatric family history in bipolar disorder (BD) from a Chilean specialist outpatient clinic
Suicide by overdose in a bipolar disorder cohort
Switch rates from unipolar disorder to bipolar disorder and associated risk factors: results from a 2-year naturalistic follow-up
A longitudinal study of fronto-limbic brain structures in patients with bipolar I disorder during lithium treatment
Several peripheral oxidative biomarkers in bipolar disorder
No impairmant on executive functions and memory in bipolar disorder over time
Comparisons of prevalence of catatonic symptoms and clinical characteristics between schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Diagnostic conversion of major depressive disorder to bipolar disorder in pregnancy and postpartum
Revisiting the association between endometriosis and bipolar disorder
A randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study of adjunctive quetiapine SR in the treatment of mixed states (MS) in bipolar disorder (BD)
COMT polymorphisms as predictors of cognitive dysfunction during manic and mixed episodes in bipolar I disorder
Atypical antipsychotic use in Bipolar Disorder treatment: Results from the HARMONY study
Association between bipolar disorder and family history of psychiatric disorders: an analysis of HUWC patients database
Prevalence of depression among indigenous elders from the Santo Antônio pitaguary community - Brazil
Factors associated to mood disorders during pregnancy in Brazilian Indian women
Bipolar and becoming or being pregnant, what to do?
Interferon-α induces nitric oxide synthase expression and heme oxygenase-1 down-regulation in microglia: Implications of IFN-α-induced mood disorders
Hypermethylation of serotonin transporter gene in bipolar disorder detected by epigenome analysis of discordant monozygotic twins
Pharmacological treatment of bipolar depression: qualitative review of double-blind randomized clinical trials
Incidence, onset, and duration of treatment-emergent somnolence with asenapine in patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder
Early improvement predicts later outcome in manic or mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder: post-hoc analyses of asenapine studies
The sociodemographic, clinical, temperament characteristics and childhood trauma of bipolar disorder compared to unipolar disorder
A clinical study on bipolar disorder and chronic depression
Suicidality in bipolar affective disorder: the nature of impulsivity and impulse control disorders - A cross sectional controlled study
Electrodermal hyporeactivity is a valid indicator of suicidal propensity in bipolar disorder
Impulsivity in bipolar disorder and co-occurring alcohol dependence: relationship to current vs. past alcohol use
Comparison of the frontal function in bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder: near-infrared spectroscopy study
Functioning in remission phase of bipolar disorder: a controlled study
Differentiation between bipolar and major depressive disorders: a NIRS study
Abstract Withdrawn
Could continuous cycling pattern identify a specific type of bipolar disorder?
Post-partum Bipolarity: Missed and dismissed
Adherence and depression in bipolar patients with suicidal risk
Towards an educational theory of self-management for outpatients with a bipolar disorder: a stratified phenomenological and hermeneutical study design from The Netherlands
From self-care to hospitalization: bipolar patients' health care practices in Mexico
Bipolar disorder: patients' perceptions of people attitudes
Effects of personality and gender on recognition of emotions in bipolar disorder
Outcomes and treatment practices in bipolar disorder: results from a large multinational longitudinal study (WAVE bd)*
Self-report predictors distinguishing bipolar disorders from borderline personality
Relationship between cognitive impairment and history of psychosis in bipolar disorder
Assessment of neuropsychological functioning in euthymic bipolar disorder
Investigating impulsivity in bipolar II disorder: more state than trait?
Alexithymic features among bipolar affective disorder patients
Correlation of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) use, weight gain and metabolic parameters
Changes in mania features among Iranian bipolar inpatients
Herbal medicine and acupuncture for unipolar and bipolar depression: randomized controlled trials
Polarity change: is it predictable?
Depression: does it affect the comprehension of receptive skills?