Welcome to the 16th Annual Conference of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders.
The role of biomarkers in clinical practice: lessons from bipolar disorder
The neuroimaging studies in subjects at ultrahigh risk for psychosis
Neurobiological basis of bipolar disorder
Early intervention in bipolar disorder in a mood disorder clinic
Novel therapies: translation, validation and implementation
Clinical staging in bipolar disorder
Psycho-education and other psychological interventions: class effect or specific treatment modalities?
Grassroots advocacy; hope, resources, support
Prescription pattern in the treatment of bipolar affective disorder in outpatients in Hong Kong
Treatment of bipolar disorder in the Netherlands and concordance with treatment guidelines: a longitudinal, non-interventional, nation-wide study
Drug treatment patterns in bipolar disorder: polypharmacy is commonplace
Advances in epidemiology and assessment enable fast and frugal methods of detection without over diagnosis
What happens over time with youth that have been diagnosed with bipolar spectrum disorders?
Update on biological and treatment findings among children and adolescents with bipolar disorder
From ion pump dysfunctions to abnormalities in signal transduction pathways in bipolar disorder: oaubain rat model for mania
Circadian rhythm disturbances in bipolar disorder: approaches using animal models
Oxidative stress and inflammation in bipolar disorder: the putative role of activated microglial cells
Grey matter density and structural changes during treatment in medication-free bipolar disorder patients
Functional magnetic resonance imaging bipolar disorder
Imaging brain metabolism: evidence for altered brain bioenergetics in bipolar disorder
Lithium: still a cornerstone in the long-term treatment of bipolar disorder
Lithium in long-term treatment of bipolar disorder: methodological considerations with major clinical implications
Genomic and phenomic correlates of lithium response in bipolar disorder: a consortium on lithium genetics (conligen) report
Precursors and risk factors for bipolar disorder: the role of temperament, cyclothymic disorder, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, and behavioral disorders
Characterizing and operationalizing risk for bipolar disorder: terminology, tools and criteria for the mania-at-risk syndrome
Identification, characteristics and naturalistic treatment of individuals at-risk for bipolar disorder: results from the first 3 years of the Dresden high-risk program
Mice with neuron-specific accumulation of mtdna deletions, the dsm-5-validated animal model for mood disorder
A microarray and proteomics study of lithiumtreated mice and knockout mice with lithium-like behavior reveals a common effect on mitochondrial function and autophagy
The mitochondrion as a therapeutic target in bipolar disorder
The predictive value of structural magnetic resonance scans in bipolar disorder using pattern classification approaches
A prospective cohort study of cognition and brain morphology in patients with first episode mania
Changes in brain morphology and cognitive outcome in juvenile patients with bipolar disorder
From evidence to treatment guidelines for bipolar disorder: a bridge too far?
CANMAT/ISBD guidelines for bipolar disorder: a constant evolution - 2013 update
Management of comorbidities in bipolar disorder patients - a CANMAT task force
Bipolar disorder in old age and the risk of dementia
Similarities and differences in medical morbidity between eastern and western older bipolar patients
Risks and benefits of lithium carbonate in old age
Diet and nutrition: new opportunities for the prevention and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders across the life course
Exercise treatment for mood disorders: a neurobiological rationale
The impact of obesity on clinical and neurobiological disease progression in bipolar disorder
Neuroimaging and cognitive impairment in bipolar disorders
Differential diagnosis and comorbidity between frontotemporal dementia and bipolar disorder
How can pharmacological treatment improve cognition in major psychoses
Long-term treatment of mood disorders: followup of acute treatment phase studies versus continuation and maintenance phase studies, and enriched versus non-enriched designs
Qualitative analyses of patient experiences in clinical trials: a nail biting adventure
Comparative effectiveness designs for bipolar disorder: signal or noise?
Neuroendocrine and metabolic contributions to sex-specific presentations of bipolar disorder
Gender vulnerability for adverse lipid profile in bipolar disorder
Gender differences in thyroid system function: relevance to mood disorder and its treatment
Integrative assessment of neural oscillation and cardiac autonomic regulation in bipolar patients
Altered reward-related neurophysiological processing in patients with bipolar I disorder
Auditory steady state response and gamma oscillation measured by MEG in bipolar disorders
Similarities and differences in brain imaging findings between bipolar I and II disorder
Abnormal fronto-amygdala circuitry in bipolar I disorders and their unaffected siblings: a combined resting-state functional MRI and PET study
Molecular neuroimaging studies with dopaminergic and serotoninergic systems in mood disorder
Cultural influences on assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of bipolar disorder in the USA
Comparing clinical characteristics and outcome measures in a naturalistic cohort study of immigrant and non-immigrant bipolar patients in Norway
Socio-cultural challenges in the management of bipolar disorder: a trans- cultural study by the International Society for Bipolar Disorders
Methodological challenges for cognitive trials in bipolar disorder: lessons learned
Recombinant human erythropoietin to target cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled phase 2 trial
A RCT of lithium compared to quetiapine in the progression of cognition after first episode mania
The prevalence of metabolic syndrome in drugnaïve bipolar II disorder patients
Metabolic syndrome, inflammatory cytokines, cognitive function and clinical outcomes in bipolar disorder
Association between circadian rhythm genes and metabolic syndrome in patients with bipolar disorder
Neuroprotective and neurotoxic kynurenine pathway metabolites are associated with hippocampal and amygdalar volumes in depression
Interaction of cytokines and serotonin transporter in bipolar I disorder
Neuroinflammation in bipolar disorder? An [11c] PK11195 PET study in euthymic patients
Adolescents-parents agreement on mood symptoms in Korean adolescents
Temperament and BIS-BAS: cross-cultural indicators of suicidality and self-injury in young adults
Benchmarking Korean data against a metaanalysis of the discriminative validity of caregiver, teacher, and youth checklists for assessing pediatric bipolar disorder
Co-morbid anxiety moderates psychosocial treatment outcome for bipolar depression
Age of onset, course of illness, and response to psychotherapy for bipolar depression
Extreme attributions predict the course of bipolar disorder following psychotherapy treatment for depression
Prevalence and characteristics of suicide in bipolar disorder
Factors that influence the risk of suicide attempts or suicide in bipolar disorder
Clinical interventions for suicide prevention in bipolar disorder
Neuroimaging studies of glutamate abnormalities in bipolar disorder
Genetics of glutamatergic system in bipolar disorders
Glutamate and treatment of bipolar disorder
Exome sequencing in bipolar disorder: family and case-control results implicate a set of 10 interacting genes
Early signs of anomalous neural functional connectivity in healthy offspring of parents with bipolar disorder
Ketamine modulates behavioral and neurochemical alterations induced by stress: novel evidence for treatment of mood disorders
Late-onset mania: white matter integrity and cognitive implications
Bipolarity index as an assessment instrument in the diagnosis and one year outcome of bipolar disorders
Microarray-based analysis of micro-ribonucleic acid expression in an animal model of mania
Characteristics of unrecognized bipolar disorder in patients treated for major depressive disorder in China: general vs. psychiatric hospitals
The trialogical german association for bipolar disorder and its development of national treatment guidelines
Living trialogue as a patient's speaker
Advocacy as part of the treatment plan
Phenomenology of bipolar I and II depression compared to unipolar depression, and predictors of response to treatment.
On the features of bipolar compared to unipolar depression in China
MR spectroscopy to study drug mechanism of action in bipolar disorder
The difference in altered inflammatory markers throughout acute episode between bipolar mania and depression
One carbon metabolism and bipolar disorder
Vitamin D deficiency in bipolar disorder
Triangulating perspectives on self-management of bipolar disorder: a phenomenological study of patients, caregivers and professionals
Self-management in pregnancy and postpartum period
CareIndicator, a self-management e-tool for early signaling and intervention in bipolar disorder
Unipolar versus bipolar mixed depression: interpretations for the clinical practice
Dopamine dysregulation as a neurobiological hypothesis for mixed depression
Female gender and the co-occurring manic symptoms in depression
Association study of 43 candidate genes with bipolar I and II disorder in the Korean population
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels predict bipolar disorders in their first depressive episode: result of a longitudinal study
Genetic profiles in distinguishing bipolar subtype I and II disorder
Lithium: is it effective? Is it safe?
Lithium: the way forward
Clinical features of bipolar disorder in late life
Therapeutic strategies for geriatric bipolar disorder
Cognitive remediation and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for bipolar disorder
A randomized controlled trial of the efficacy of moodswings.net.au: an internet based self-help program for bipolar disorder
Weighing the risks
Medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Staging and profiling: complementary approaches to improve treatment
Clinical profiling and staging
Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment studies in depression and anxiety disorders
Transcranial magnetic stimulation as a neurophysiologic and therapeutic tool in bipolar disorders
How do patients with bipolar disorder in the Netherlands perceive stigmatization
How attitudes of the general population and a cultural perspective affect lives of the people with bipolar disorder in Japan
Postpartum bipolar depression in a clinical sample of 1721 parous women with mood disorders
Abstract Withdrawn
Indications of a dose-response relationship between cannabis use and age at onset in bipolar disorder
Myocardial infarction survival in patients with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia spectrum disorders- a nationwide cohort study
Similar white matter changes in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: a TBSS study
Abstract Withdrawn
Genome-wide association study of lithium response in a Swedish population
Single infusion of ketamine in bipolar depression: efficacy and related factors
The offspring of excellent lithium responders: neurobiological and temperamental findings
An inflammatory pathway linked to psychosis in bipolar disorder
The efficacy and safety of quetiapine extended release (xr) as mono-therapy in the treatment of Chinese patients with bipolar I or II depression
Abstract Withdrawn
Correlation of serum BDNF level with clinical symptom domains in bipolar disorder-I
Similarities and differences in brain imaging findings between bipolar I and II disorders
Survey of the psychotropic drugs in outpatients with bipolar disorder in japan: preliminary cross-sectional study
Diagnostic stability and interchange of schizophrenic and bipolar disorders
Thought disorder in manic patients: where's the impairment?
Neuropsychological performance in patients with soft bipolar spectrum during a major depressive episode
Bipolarity index as an assessment instrument in the diagnosis and one year outcome of bipolar disorders
The different presentations of cognitive function in older people with bipolar and major depressive disorder in euthymic states
Mania predominant course of bipolar disorder type 1 in a hospitalized sample from India
Socio-demographic and clinical features of bipolar patients misdiagnosed as major depressive disorder in China
Comparing cognitive deficits in patient with soft bipolar disorder with those with bipolar I disorder
Lateral hypothalamic kindling induces manic-like behavior in rats: a novel animal model
Neuromodulation of the DLPFC induced by rTMS assessed with oculomotricity and cortical excitability in bipolar disorder
Saccadic inhibition-a trait biomarker of bipolar disorder
Epigenetic regulation of EAAT2 (SLC1A2) in bipolar disorder patients
Serum myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein levels are stable in depressed females with bipolar disorder
Exome sequencing in bipolar disorder: family and case-control results implicate a set of ten interacting genes
Staging bipolar disorder: clinical, biochemical, and functional correlates
Mood and cognition in bipolar disorder-the association with glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta
Strong evidence for an association between electrodermal hyporeactivity and suicide propensity in bipolar disorder
Metabolic parameters in first episode mania
Thyroid functioning in first episode mania
Are ICAM, VCAM and E-Selectin levels different in first manic episode and subsequent remission?
Serotonergic dysfunction in patients with bipolar disorder assessed by the loudness dependence of the auditory evoked potential (LDAEP)
Immune and neurotrophic factors in bipolar offspring: followed from adolescence into adulthood
Influence of AHI1 variants on diagnosis and treatment outcome in mood disorders
Quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) findings suggesting bipolarity in patients with depressive episode: a preliminary report
Lithium ameliorates rotenone-induced methylation and hydroxymethylation of dna in cortical primary neurons
Correlation between peripheral BDNF levels and hippocampus volume in children and adolescents with bipolar disorder
Amygdalar volumetric correlates of social anxiety in bipolar offspring with subthreshold mood symptoms and high social anxiety
Lamotrigine treatment of adolescents with unipolar and bipolar depression: a retrospective chart review
Early signs of anomalous neural functional connectivity in healthy offspring of parents with bipolar disorder
Circadian rhythm disruption in women with bipolar and premenstrual dysphoric disorder during remission: preliminary results
Does pregnancy affect circadian rhythms in women with mood disorders during remission?
Irregularity in sleep and mealtime in the patients with bipolar disorders: a preliminary study
Seasonality and its distinct clinical correlates in bipolar ii disorder: a comparison study with bipolar I disorder and major depressive disorder
Late-onset mania: white matter integrity and cognitive implications
Changes in sleep architecture and quality in minimal hepatic encephalopathy patients and relationship to psychological dysfunction
Ultra-brief right unilateral ECT is rapidly effective in ameliorating severe mania-a case series
Osteoporosis: a neglected medical co-morbidity in mood disorders
Circadian genes and risk of the metabolic syndrome in patients with bipolar disorders
Could metabolic syndrome comorbidity in bipolar disorder be overrated?: a study of metabolic syndrome in young subpopulation of bipolar disorder patients
Are EEG spectral power density of BD I and II different?
Cannabis use in first episode bipolar disorder is associated with elevated mood after one year
Clinical and biological characterization of young people at high genetic risk for bipolar disorder
Longitudinal change of the state of metabolic syndrome in patients with bipolar disorder
Association of serum BDNF with verbal and visual memory deficit in subjects with bipolar disorder I
Study to determine appropriate time for serum level estimation for once a day administration of divalproex sodium extended release preparations
Study to determine appropriate time for serum level estimation for once a day administration of lithium
Antipsychotic use and differential monitoring of cardiometabolic health in patients with bipolar disorder compared to patients with primary psychotic disorders
Effect of meditation on reduce in girls with acute stress reaction in Tehran meditation society in 2013
Comparison of brain white matter connectivity between panic disorder with and without comorbid bipolar disorder
Mirror neuron activity and symptom dimensions in drug-naïve mania- a transcranial magnetic stimulation study
Maternal oxytocin to induce labor increases the risk for offspring bipolar disorder and impaired cognition
Cortisol secretion patterns in hair: the biomarker of the future in mood disorders?
Staging and profiling bipolar disorder: clinical and neurobiological approaches
A genome-wide association study of bipolar disorder using a subphenotype: sleeplessness bipolar mania
Cross-disorder GWAS of ADHD and bipolar disorder
Socioeconomic decision making in manic and euthymic patients with bipolar disorder: the feedback-related negativity study
Electrophysiological finding of syntactic anomalies in patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia: a P600 study
Effects of antipsychotic drugs on the expression of synapse-associated proteins in the frontal cortex of rats subjected to immobilization stress
Effects of mood-stabilizing drugs on dendritic outgrowth and synaptic protein levels in the primary hippocampal neurons
Effects of tianeptine on motor signaling in rat hippocampal neurons
DNA methylation analysis of quetiapine: possible role as a mood stabilizer
The effect of vitamin D treatment on GLIA derived neurotrophic factor in cortical neurons
Cytogenetic analysis and oxidative damage activity in lymphocytes of schizophrenia patients
Neuroanatomical predictors of psychoeducation response in euthymic bipolar patients: a voxel-based morphometric study
Hippocampal volumes are correlated to inflammatory markers in early stage bipolar disorder
Regional gray matter volume abnormalities related to cyclothymia in female subjects with bipolar II disorder
The effect of cortisol and bdnf on serotonin transporter in bipolar i disorder
Neuroanatomical correlates of inhibited temperament in offspring of parents with bipolar disorder
Regional gray matter volume alterations related to predominant polarity in bipolar I disorder
Correlation between neurofunctional and neurocognitive performance of BD I euthymic patients
The effects of lithium on brain function: preliminary neural network changes
Bipolar and borderline patients display differential patterns of functional connectivity among resting state networks
Altered auditory steady-state magnetic fields in bipolar disorders: a source localization study
Normal metabolic levels in prefrontal cortex in euthymic bipolar I patients with and without suicide attempts
Reduced activation of the temporal cortex in patients with euthymic bipolar disorder during a verbal fluency task: a multi-channel nearinfrared spectroscopy study
Reduction of left temporal cortex activation in suicide attempters with bipolar disorder after a verbal fluency task: a multi-channel nearinfrared spectroscopy study
MRI investigation of a 6-week trial of lithium in medication-free patients with bipolar depression
Dense cranial electroacupuncture stimulation, a novel brain stimulation therapy for mood disorders: rationale and clinical trials
Efficacy of cariprazine in patients with acute manic or mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder: results from 2 phase III, placebo-controlled trials
Safety and tolerability of cariprazine in patients with acute manic or mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder: results from two phase-III, placebo-controlled trials
Olanzapine induced prolonged thrombocytopenia
Clinical satisfaction and preference between oral and long-acting injectable medication: views from psychiatrists
Effect of lurasidone monotherapy or adjunctive therapy on anxiety symptoms in patients with bipolar I depression
Short- and longer-term treatment with lurasidone in patients with bipolar I depression: effect on metabolic syndrome
Efficacy and safety of treatment with lurasidone adjunctive with lithium or valproate in bipolar I depression: results of two 6-week studies
Mood-stabilizing medication after hospitalization for bipolar disorder in Sweden: a register-based cohort study
Topiramate as an adjuvant treatment for obsessive compulsive symptoms in patients with bipolar disorder, a randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical trial
Efficacy of lithium in the long-term treatment of bipolar disorders: a new meta-analysis
A prospective 4 years naturalistic follow up of 300 bipolar I & bipolar II patients
Predictors of adherence to psychopharmacological and psychosocial treatment in bipolar I or II disorders-an 18-month prospective study
Guidelines concordance for acute bipolar depression in mainland China
Guidelines concordance for acute manic and mixed episodes in mainland China
Effectiveness of long-acting injectable antipsychotics in patients with bipolar I disorder
Psychopharmacological treatment of bipolar disorder in pregnancy: recommendations and clinical monitoring systems
Smoking during pregnancy and the risk of bipolar disorder
Standardization of bipolar depression rating scale (BDRS) in Korean children and adolescents with bipolar disorder: preliminary analysis
Opportunities and challenges in establishing the emory longitudinal cohort of offspring of mothers with bipolar disorder (ELCOM-BD)
Adolescence and impulsivity evolution and treatment of one adolescent with comorbidity between bulimia nervosa, bipolar disorder, and adhd
Bipolar disorder vs disruptive mood dysregulation disorder: MRI studies
Predictors of transition into bipolar disorder after the first lifetime depressive episode
Lifetime experiences of hypomanic symptoms are associated with delayed and irregular sleepwake cycle and seasonality in non-clinical adult samples
Clinical correlates of resilience in euthymic patients with bipolar disorder
Effects of bipolarity on drinking behavior according to age and gender
Personality traits depending on mood state in patients with bipolar disorder
Informing intervention strategies for bipolar bisorder using dynamic treatment regimes
Semantic priming and hypomanic personality: an electrophysiological study
Emotional meaning in context in relation to hypomanic traits: an ERP study
Implicit motor learning in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
Care-oriented moral reasoning among patients with bipolar disorder
Effects of cognitive remediation on cognitive dysfunction in partially or fully remitted patients with bipolar disorder: a randomised controlled trial
Neurocognitive performance in first episode bipolar I disorder compared to first episode schizophrenia and healthy controls
Treatment nonadherence is not associated with cognitive impairment in euthymic bipolar disorder
The relations between the bipolar affective disorder and the development of justiceoriented moral reasoning
Implicit processing of negative emotion impairs saccadic control in euthymic bipolar disorder
Comparison of neurocognitive deficits in patients with schizophrenia, bipolar I disorder and their unaffected first-degree relatives
Mental rotation and working memory in euthymic patients with bipolar I disorder
Perceptual-organizational characteristics of the rorschach task in patients with bipolar mania with or without psychotic features: comparison to schizophrenia patients
Autobiographical memory and its association with neuropsychological function in bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder and leadership
Relations of executive cognitive functions with rorschach variables in patients with bipolar mania
Mental imagery and its relations with clinical characteristics in euthymic patients with bipolar I disorder
Working memory capacity and emotional regulation in euthymic patients with bipolar I disorder
Implicit self-esteem in bipolar manic and euthymic patients
Theory of mind performance using a story comprehension task in bipolar mania compared to schizophrenia and healthy controls
Semantic processing deficits in bipolar mania: a potential explanation for flight of ideas
Neurocognitive impairments in euthymic patients with bipolar disorder
Multimodal emotion integration in bipolar disorder: an investigation of involuntary cross-modal influences between facial and prosodic channels
Impulsivity and risk taking behaviour linking bipolar disorder and epilepsy
Evidence for cognitive subgroups in bipolar disorder and the influence of subclinical depression
May a severe course of illness contribute to cognitive impairment in bipolar disorder?
Valuable intervention against the excess mortality of psychiatric patients
Prevalence of substance use disorder in Thai patients with bipolar disorders
Effects of childhood trauma on clinical presentation and prognosis of bipolar disorders
A cross sectional study to estimate cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors in patients with bipolar disorder
MDQ score as a predictor of 6 month outcomes among patients with depression managed under collaborative care
Anxiety disorders comorbidity in bipolar patients in Turkey
Bipolar affective disorder in suicide attempters admitted in tertiary care hospital sociodemographic profile and relationship characteristics a study from Kashmir, India
Nicotine dependence and bipolar disorders
Comparison of clinical characteristics between panic disorder with and without comorbid bipolar disorder
Influence of bipolarity on problematic drinking in depressive patients
Evolution to bipolar disorder from unipolar first depressive episode in a cohort of patients with substance use disorder comorbidity. A three year follow up prospective study
Frequency of bipolar spectrum disorder among patients with substance related disorders
Psychometric properties of the chinese version of the bipolar spectrum diagnostic scale
Bipolarity in medical students at a private university in Lima-Peru
Lifetime mood spectrum symptoms among bipolar patients and healthy controls
Relative frequency of unipolar mania among hospitalized patients with bipolar mood disorder and its associate features: a multicenter study in Iran
The relationship between temperament and residual affective symptoms in clinically stable patients with bipolar disorders
Verification of usability of the hypomania checklist 32 (HCL-32) for the screening of bipolar disorder in non-clinical adult samples
Clinical characteristics of patients with recurrent mania
A tale of two diatheses: temperament, BIS, and BAS as risk factors for mood disorder
Bipolar affective disorder: constitutionalbiological, clinical-dynamic and clinicalprognostic regularities
Qualitative study on characteristics of bipolar disorder and depression in Japan
A comparison of predictive properties of risk measures for bipolar disorder among helpseeking youth
The burden of recurrent mood episodes in bipolar I disorder: results from the national epidemiological survey on alcohol and related conditions (NESARC)
The relationship between quality of life in elderly patients with bipolar disorder and living in rehabilitation centers or own home
The psychological effects of drama activity on depressed older people: a literature review
The relationship of impulsivity and lipid levels in bipolar patients: gender effect
Current perspectives of bipolar disorder in women: gender differences or gender bias?
Self-esteem and self-esteem instability in relation to life events and symptoms in bipolar affective disorder
An exploratory factor analysis of coping inventory for stressful situations (CISS) in Korean adults
Convergence insufficiency symptom in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and its association with NES and ICARS
Bipolar II disorder in Taiwan: highly prevalent in outpatients presenting with depression?
Difference in psychological resilience between BPD I and BPD II: a preliminary study
Pooling childhood & adolescent onset attenuates early onset clinical relevance in bipolar disorder
More liberal “with mixed features” threshold for bipolar depression may be not only more inclusive, but also more clinically relevant
Education on bipolar affective disorder in Hong Kong
The prestige model of spectrum bipolarity
Characteristics of coping style in bipolar patients
Evolutionary anthropological hypotheses of bipolar disorder
Clinical profile of people with bipolar disorder who die by self-poisoning
Suicide in bipolar disorder: characteristics and subgroups
Socio-demographic characteristics of admitted manic episode of bipolar mood disorder patients in a tertiary psychiatric hospital in Bangladesh
Elevated levels of urinary markers of oxidatively generated DNA and RNA damage in bipolar disorder
Comparison of different creativity between bipolar disorders and normal control and correlate with functional connectivity in the brain: preliminary findings
The monarca project- electronic daily selfmonitoring of subjective and objective symptoms in bipolar disorder
The effects of distance learning (by mobile) on the anxiety& depression level of nursing care patients with bipolar disorder
Ketamine modulates behavioral and neurochemical alterations induced by stress: novel evidence for treatment of mood disorders
Effects of assertive community treatment after two years of treatment of patients with severe mental illness
Needs assessment of community families to patients with severe mental illness (SMI)
The efficacy of psychoeducation with home visit in patients with bipolar affective disorder
Nursing care for hospitalized patients with acute mania: a descriptive study
The first randomized controlled trial evaluating the impact of genetic counseling for serious mental illnesses
Addressing suicide and self-harm in young people with bipolar disorder
The internalized stigma and its correlates in patients with bipolar I disorder in korea
Comprehensive rehabilitation program in bipolar disorder (prisma): a multimodal approach
Overcoming stigma: a new psychoeducational and behavior modification course
A new CBT-treatment for bipolar disorder - results from a pilot-study and plan for further testing of the model including an internetmediated support system
Simple psychoeducation conducted in a clinic for patients with bipolar II disorder
Group psychoeducation to bipolar patients from South Korea
Relationship management functionality subthreshold depressive symptoms in bipolar disorder
Clinical and neurocognitive predictors of psychosocial functioning in euthymic bipolar II patients
Relationship between perceived criticism and emotional social support to depressive symptoms, and social functioning in Japanese patients with bipolar disorder: a preliminary study
Profile of disability in bipolar affective disorder and interplay of social factors: policy and treatment design relevance in a developing context
Relation between depression, anxiety, selfesteem, demographical factor and maternal complications with fear of childbirth in marital satisfaction, nulliparous women
Mania and depression in the perinatal period among women with a history of major depressive disorders
Maintenance ECT for bipolar disorder
Maintenance treatment in patients with BDII misdiagnosed as RDD in Russia
The efficacy of psychoeducation with home visit in patients with bipolar affective disorder
Lurasidone in bipolar I depression: a 24 week, open-label extension study
Efficacy and safety of lurasidone in bipolar depression: results from two, double blind, placebo-controlled studies