Advocacy talk – Changing My Mind
Pediatric bipolar disorder – what have observational cohort studies taught us about the emergence and course of bipolar disorder among youth
The future of diagnosis in the bipolar spectrum
Understanding the neural circuitry of bipolar disorder: present and future neuroimaging approaches
Basic research – modeling bipolar disorders with induced pluripotent stem cells: developmental and functional dimensions?
Apples and pears are similar, but not the same
Is there a schizophrenia/bipolar disorder border?
Clinical biological – revisiting suicide risk: experience, development and psychopathology
Tracking behavioral symptoms of bipolar disorder using automated sensing and delivering personalized interventions using smartphones
Developmental patterns of bipolar disorder
Combined use of clinical and genetic information in the prediction of risk for bipolar disorder
Australian longitudinal cohort: focus on structural and functional neuroimaging
Stratifying risk using large-scale electronic health records data
Assessing brain-behaviour volatility in bipolar disorder
The chronorecord experience: 10 years of electronic daily self-reported mood charting
The role of the family in treating people with bipolar disorder
Communicating effectively with family members
Family-focused therapy
In vivo, stimulation induced abnormalities of brain bioenergetics in bipolar disorder
Bioenergetics and redox modulations in psychiatric illnesses
Mitochondrially-mediated plasticity and the search for improved therapeutics for bipolar disorder
Pathways to neuroprogression
Overweight and obesity as risk factors for clinical and neurobiological illness progression in early-stage bipolar disorder
Allostatic load and neuroprogression
Vincent van Gogh, biography, family history and artistic genius
Pyotr I Tchaikovsky, musical creativity and his cyclic illness
The Bipolar Roadshow – a creative approach to educating the audience and fighting stigma
Extreme attributions and affective instability predict response to psychotherapy for depression in STEP-BD
The role of age at onset, course of illness and sleep in response to psychotherapy in bipolar disorder
Anxiety disorder and medical comorbidity predict response to psychotherapy for depression in STEP-BD
Machine learning approach to help diagnose children and adolescents with bipolar disorder
Using pattern recognition and neuroimaging to decode present and future symptom severity in behaviorally and emotionally dysregulated youth
Classification of first episode psychosis: a multi-modal multi-feature approach
Bipolar, borderline, both? Clinical, neurocognitive, and genetic overlaps and divergences
Distinguishing bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder: utilising laboratory measures of cognition
Analysis of the genetic overlap of borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder
Cognitive impairment in bipolar disorder
Neuroprotection in the aftermath of first episode mania
Cognitive impairment in bipolar disorder: is it treatable?
Biomarkers of lithium response in bipolar I patients
Neural basis of lithium response: clues from neurocognitive interrogation and neuroimaging
Clinical barriers to optimal outcomes with lithium: strategies to address the efficacy-effectiveness gap
Immune-inflammatory risk factors in bipolar disorders: gene environment interactions
Pro-inflammatory cytokines and matrix metalloproteinasa-9 (MMP-9) during acute episode and remission in bipolar disorder
Microglial activation and inflammation in bipolar disorder
If you build it, will they come? Opening access to a new online Bipolar Wellness Centre
Augmenting psychoeducation with a mobile intervention for bipolar disorder: a randomized controlled trial
Supporting self-management in bipolar disorder online: a review
The state of assessment for pediatric bipolar disorder: it is time to throw away the old textbook
Neurobiology of pediatric bipolar disorder: from cingulate to CRP
Update and future directions in the treatment of pediatric bipolar disorder
Personal experience of wellness measures: using the DBSA Wellness Tracker
Using wellness scales in clinical practice, with “listening to patients and their scales without getting weighed down”
Veteran peer specialists and education
Comparative evaluation of quetiapine plus lamotrigine versus quetiapine monotherapy in people with bipolar depression: a randomized trial (CEQUEL)
Bipolar CHOICE (Clinical Health Outcomes Initiative in Comparative Effectiveness): a pragmatic six month trial of lithium vs. quetiapine for bipolar disorder
Psychosocial treatment for children who are vulnerable to bipolar disorder: neural correlates of psychosocial risk
New interventions for disturbances in sleep and circadian rhythms in mood disorders
From circadian genes, through chronotypes and sleep disruptions, to clinical outcomes in bipolar disorders
Longitudinal assessment of circadian rhythms in women at risk for postpartum depression
Epidemiology and significance of age of onset
Medical comorbidity, neuropathology, and biomarkers in older adults with bipolar disorder (OABD)
Controversies regarding neuroprogression/cognition dysfunction
The role of spirituality and faith on wellness, resiliency and purpose
The diagnosis of bipolar disorder should never become one's identity
Healing and recovery: how we mend our minds
Rates of suicide death in people with bipolar disorder: findings from the ISBD Task Force on Suicide
Factors that influence the risk of suicide attempts or suicide in bipolar disorder
Clinical interventions for suicide prevention in bipolar disorder
Behavioural indices of emotion processing in bipolar disorder
Elucidating bipolar disorder neurocognition using fMRI
Functional abnormalities in neural circuitries supporting face emotion and reward processing in bipolar and bipolar at-risk youth: toward biomarkers of disease risk
Antipsychotic medications in late-life bipolar disorder
The role of anticonvulsants in late-life bipolar disorder
Use of lithium in late-life bipolar disorder
Anticonvulsive therapy in geriatric BD
The pharmacological treatments of bipolar depression: conventional, experimental, and innovative approaches
Restoring cognition and functioning in bipolar depression
Guidelines, new findings and research priorities in the treatment of bipolar depression
Survey of consumers’ experience of coping with suicidal thoughts
How a better understanding of suicide risk can inform the clinical care provided for people with bipolar disorder
Understanding the lived experience of coping with suicidal thoughts
Targets for intervention in mood disorders: evidence from objective measures of activity, mood, energy and sleep
The specificity of mania and early age of onset in high risk youth: a 10 year prospective study
The 24 hour sleep–wake cycle and circadian systems as targets for management of bipolar and other mood disorders
Mixed depression in bipolar disorder: prevalence rate and clinical correlates during naturalistic follow up
Patterns of manic/hypomanic symptoms in depression using a pilot modification of the Hypomania Checklist – 32
Implications and impressions of the ISBD Task Force DSM5 on mixed depression in bipolar disorder
Antecedent psychopathology in offspring of parents with bipolar disorder and offspring of parents with major depressive disorder
Using structural MRI to identify subjects at genetic risk for bipolar disorders – a two cohort, machine learning study
Anatomical evidence for an abnormal neurodevelopment in bipolar disorder
From surviving to advising: pairing people with lived experience of mental health and addiction issues as advisors to senior psychiatry residents
Peer to peer, peer to professional outreach
The power of veteran peer support
Varenicline for bipolar depression with comorbid nicotine dependence
A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of varenicline in persons with bipolar disorder motivated to quit smoking
Predictors of smoking in bipolar disorder with comorbid substance abuse
Cross-cultural issues in family interventions for bipolar disorder
Cross-cultural adaptations to psychotherapy
Bipolar disorder during pregnancy and postpartum: prevention, pathophysiology and treatment of episodes
The role of psychosocial treatments in the prevention of bipolar relapse following childbirth
What factors influence vulnerability to postpartum episodes in bipolar women?
Evaluation of the efficacy of the laughing like crazy stand-up comedy training program
The laughing like crazy program from peer, facilitator and supervisor perspectives
Laughing like crazy: a live comedy performance : S097
Exploring inflammatory pathways in bipolar disorder
Inflammation: implication for pathogenesis in novel treatments in bipolar disorder
Does cognitive behavioral therapy alter stress-induced inflammatory response in pediatric bipolar disorder?
Mental imagery and mood instability: a case series of imagery-focused cognitive therapy for bipolar disorder
Mechanisms underlying the dynamics of bipolar disorder: a look on emotional and motivational dysregulation
Emotional reactivity in euthymic bipolar patients: two emotional dysregulation profiles associated with impaired functioning
An evidence map of psychosocial interventions for the earliest stages of bipolar disorders
Treating late stage patients: the role of psychotherapy
Promoting effective uptake of psychosocial interventions: key patient, provider, and systems approaches
Novel approach to design and assessment for relapse prevention trials
Challenges with outcomes for longitudinal follow up of interventions for patients with mood disorders
Pharmacotherapy for pregnant and nursing women with bipolar disorder
Weighing the risks
Integrating bipolar management in a busy primary care practice
Improving the early diagnosis and initial treatment of bipolar disorder
Early life stress in bipolar patients: HPA axis response to GR and MR agonists
MR function in bipolar affective disorders
Neural predictors of response to psychotherapy for depression in bipolar disorder
Cognitive functioning predicts response to psychotherapy for depression in bipolar disorder
Co-morbid bipolar and premenstrual dysphoric disorder: from hormones to brain circuits and behavior
Bipolar disorder during the menopausal transition and its endocrinological changes: what we know, what we need to know
Sleep and circadian effects on neural reward functioning: towards a chronobiology of reward for bipolar disorder
A measure of total peripheral inflammation is associated with weight and depressive relapse in early-stage bipolar disorder
Nonlinear dynamics of mood regulation in bipolar disorder
Medication-free depressed unipolar and bipolar subjects are distinguished by default mode network connectivity
Growth and differentiation abnormalities in neural precursor cell lines from bipolar I disorder patients: implications for impaired neurogenesis
Comparative evaluation of quetiapine plus lamotrigine versus quetiapine monotherapy in people with bipolar depression: a randomized trial (CEQUEL)
Executive dysfunction in late onset mania is related to reduced structural interhemispheric connectivity
Kidney and thyroid function in patients receiving lithium therapy for more than 10 years
Hierarchical gating of emotional and cognitive processes in those at genetic risk of bipolar disorder
Modelled cost-effectiveness evaluation of bipolar disorder treatments to guide health policy
Emotional reactivity and inflammation in subsyndromal bipolar patients: clinical relevance of a dimensional approach
Risk of myocardial infarction and stroke in bipolar disorder: a population-based cohort study
Bipolar disorder subtypes in an Australian sample of children and adolescents: rating scale data at time of first service presentation
The orbit project: pilot evidence for feasibility and efficacy of a novel international online mindfulness-based intervention for late stage bipolar disorder
Common genetic variants associated with bipolar disorder and coexisting medical conditions
Association between suicide attempts and family functioning in bipolar disorder
Target engagement with anterior cingulate GLX: a placebo controlled proton-1 magnetic resonance spectroscopy study of uridine for adolescent bipolar depression
Early-stage bipolar disorder patients who gain weight over 12 months experience greater limbic brain volume loss than patients without weight gain
New approaches in fighting stigma
Premenstrual mood symptoms after menarche association with early onset and perinatal mood disorders in women with bipolar disorder – fidings from STEP-BD
Uric acid and clinical correlates in bipolar patients from the FACE-BD cohort
Comparative efficacy and acceptability of psychological interventions for long term treatment of bipolar disorder: a network meta-analysis
Galantamine-ER for cognitive deficits in bipolar disorder
Mood regulatory actions of nucleus accumbens deep brain stimulation
Does sleep deprivation lower corticosterone levels in mice?
Experimental meningitis during childhood triggers depressive-like behaviour in adult life
HTR1b allelic imbalance in bipolar disorder and suicide
Relationships between mood symptoms, weight, and serum adipokines in early-stage bipolar disorder
Lipid peroxidation biomarkers in adolescents with or at high-risk for bipolar disorder
A feasibility study evaluating differential proteomic expression in mood disorders
Identification of circadian gene variants in bipolar disorder in Latino populations
Metabolic markers in patients with bipolar disorder across mood states
Tumor necrosis factor-A (TNF-A) level and psychovegetative disorders in patients with cronic cerebral ischemia
Gene expression alterations related to affective state in rapid cycling bipolar disorder patients and compared with healthy control subjects
Association of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) Val66Met polymorphism with early-onset bipolar disorder
Comparison of cholesterol and other biological variables between bipolar depressive inpatients with and without current suicide attempt
Childhood IQ and manic features in young adulthood: birth cohort study
Impact of individual-family psychoeducational psychotherapy (IF-PEP) and omega3 fatty acids on children with bipolar disorder-not otherwise specified or cyclothymic disorder
Tick-borne infections and pediatric bipolar disorder
Elevated levels of oxidative stress, inflammation and sub-clinical vascular impairment among adolescents with bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder subtypes in an Australian sample of children and adolescents: rating scale data at time of first service presentation
Psychopatology among offspring of parents with bipolar I disorder and community controls
Factors associated with obstetrical complications among adolescents with bipolar disorder
Transdiagnostic levels of parent- and youth-reported sleep problems in outpatient adolescents
Preliminary findings regarding the impact of CACNA1C rs1006737 bipolar disorder susceptibility gene on hippocampal and amygdala volume in adolescents
Parent versus youth reported sleep patterns as correlates of sleep, mood, and quality of life
Prevalence and correlates of cigarette smoking among Canadian adolescents with bipolar disorder
Characterizing exercise-induced feelings after a single bout of exercise in healthy adolescents and adolescents with bipolar disorder
Bipolar and recurrent depression: chronobiological aspect
Association of Clock, ARNTl, and NPAS2 gene polymorphisms and seasonal variations in mood and behavior
Late life bipolar disorders evolving into frontotemporal dementia mimic
Glycogen synthase kinase-3beta and mood states in bipolar disorder – a longitudinal case–control study
Differences between bipolar patients with or without rapid-cycling feature in clinical features, comorbidity, and family history
Translational implications of ACTH-driven mania
Case report: successful remission of a manic episode due to a short-time coercive intervention in a 75-years old patient
Moodswings 2.0: an online intervention for bipolar disorder
Psychosis and previous episodes does not mediate neurocognitive impairment at first treatment bipolar I disorder
Influence of cognitive reserve on neuropsychological deficits: findings from a five year longitudinal study of bipolar disorder
A preliminary evaluation of the efficacy of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in treating a depressive episode in bipolar II disorder
Are risk related decision making and reward sensitivity different between bipolar and unipolar depression?
Are ERP and cognitive performance related and differentiated in different phase of bipolar disorder?
The relationship between objective and subjective cognitive functioning and quality of life in bipolar disorder and healthy volunteers
Increased cognitive decline in elderly patients with bipolar disorder: a six-year prospective follow-up study
Learning from positive and negative feedback in patients with bipolar-I disorder and their relatives
Impaired spatial processing in bipolar disorder
Semantic or affective: which word characteristic impact the most the priming effect in hypomanic trait population? an ERP study
Affective lability is associated with alcohol- and cannabis use disorder in bipolar disorder
Stressful life events and associated illness morbidity in bipolar disorder: implications for future epigenetic quantification of disease burden
Metabolic syndrome and bipolar disorder: the role of childhood trauma
Examining migraine in bipolar disorder
Cannabis use disorder is associated with greater illness severity in tobacco smoking patients with bipolar disorder
Comorbid anxiety disorders in Canadians with bipolar disorder: prevalence, impact and psychological treatment
Clinical differences between inpatients with bipolar disorder with and without comorbid PTSD
Medical comorbidity and acute medical health service utilization in late-life bipolar disorder: a comparison of lithium, valproate, and other pharmacotherapies
Prevalence and impact of comorbid alcohol use disorder in 284 bipolar I and II patients: a prospective, naturalistic 4 year follow-up study
Using eye movement assessment to better discriminate between adult patients with bipolar disorder and those with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
A psychosocial strategy to improve cardiovascular risk factors in bipolar disorder
Alcohol use and consumption in mood disorder first-time psychiatric evaluations: Mexican retrospective cohort
Predictors and outcomes of long duration of undiagnosed of bipolar disorders in China
Strengths and limitations of more inclusive (counting “overlapping” mood elevation symptoms) compared to DSM-5 definition of mixed depression in bipolar disorder patients
A prelimary examination of auditory verbal hallucinations (AVH) in bipolar disorder and depression: analysis of the 2010 survey of high impact psychosis (SHIP) data
Comparison of bipolar disorder with schizophrenia and major depressive disorder on affective temperaments and schizotypy
Sleep dysregulation and assessment in pediatric bipolar disorder
Early intervention in psychoses – the Singapore experience
Illness episodes but not duration of treatment delay is associated with symptom severity in recent onset BDI after one year of treatment
The association between duration of untreated bipolar disorder and clinical variables: data from a Brazilian sample
A comparison of caregivers of patients with bipolar disorder and Alzheimer's disease: similar levels of burden and greater distress in bipolar disorder
Electrocardiographic changes of old patients with bipolar disorder compared with schizophrenic ones
Women are at higher risk for rapid cycling than men: new data from the mayo clinic individualized medicine biobank for bipolar disorder
Quetiapine in the acute treatment of bipolar postpartum depression
Overlap of precipitating factors in mania and partial seizures: in pursuit of shared pathophysiology
Ataxia signs in bipolar disorder
Child sexual abuse and suicidal attempts in Brazilian bipolar type I patients
Childhood trauma, severe clinical and dimensional expression of bipolar disorders and moderation by genetic factors
Entropy and periodicity analysis to investigate mood variability in bipolar disorder
Differences between bipolar patients with or without suicide attempt in clinical features, comorbidity, and family history
The trajectory of quality of life in bipolar disorder
Positive emotion persistence in depression? Examination of emotion reactivity across bipolar and unipolar depression
Association study of ZNF804A gene with bipolar I and II disorder in the Korean population
Increased expression of serotonin and dopamine receptors on leukocytes from euthymic bipolar disorder patients
Glutamate induced apoptosis in human olfactory neuroepithelial progenitors derived from bipolar and non bipolar subjects
EEG coherence of drug-free and drug related patients with bipolar disorder
Interaction between HPA axis, adverse lipid profile, metabolic syndrome and female gender in bipolar disorder
Resting state medial prefrontal functional connectivity variability over time: deficits and relationship to cognition in bipolar disorder
Alterations in the effective connectivity of the fronto-insular network following targeted theta-burst transcranial magnetic stimulation
Specificity of reduced fronto-limbic and inter-hemispherical connectivity for bipolar I disorder
The effect of an acute bout of aerobic exercise on sustained attention and motor inhibition among adolescents with and without bipolar disorder
The TPH2 G703T polymorphism is associated with working memory in bipolar disorder and control cohorts
Abnormal high energy phosphate molecule metabolism during regional brain activation in patients with bipolar disorder
Finding hidden patterns using network analysis of mood disorders symptoms
Voice analysis using smartphones as an electronic biomarker of illness activity in bipolar disorder – the MONARCA studies
The pros and cons of online recruitment
Actigraphy can identify differences in motor activity in acute episodes of mood disorders
Acceptability and tolerability of ambulatory monitoring in bipolar disorder: a patient perspective
Reducing default rates in patients discharged from an early psychosis unit to continuity care
Psychosocial and cognitive remediation for recurrent mood disorders: pilot findings and project outline
Bipolar disorder influences weight loss in the nationally implemented MOVE!® program for veterans
Tardive dyskinesia and tardive dystonia with second-generation antipsychotics in bipolar disorder patients unexposed to first-generation antipsychotic
The value of early improvement as a predictor of short-term response during treatment of bipolar depression with lurasidone
Effect of lurasidone on metabolic parameters in patients with bipolar depression
Long-term use of lurasidone in patients with bipolar disorder: safety and effectiveness over 2 years of treatment
Categorical improvement across mania symptoms: pooled analyses of cariprazine phase II/III trials
Patterns of improvement in patients with acute depressive episodes of bipolar I disorder and bipolar II disorder
Effects of food on the pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of quetiapine XR: clinical relevance of dosing instructions
Long-term lithium response in the bipolar disorder research network study
A double-blind, placebo-controlled study of cariprazine monotherapy for the treatment of bipolar I depression
N-acetylcysteine in depressive symptoms and functionality: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Absolute weight change, ≥7% weight gain, and self-reported weight gain of second-generation antipsychotics in bipolar disorder
Rates of recurrence in bipolar disorder: systematic analysis and comparison between long-term prospective, naturalistic studies vs. randomized controlled trials (RCTs)
Remission and recovery in lurasidone-treated patients with bipolar depression: post-hoc analysis of a 6-week, placebo-controlled trial followed by a 6-month extension
Efficacy and safety of asenapine 5 mg bid and 10 mg bid in adults with a manic or mixed episode associated with bipolar I disorder
Use of asenapine in acute affective disorders
Who will benefit from antidepressants in the acute treatment of bipolar depression? A follow up observational data analysis of STEP-BD
Predictors of long-term work disability among patients with bipolar disorder – a prospective study
Opportunities for suicide prevention in bipolar disorder: an examination of health care contacts during the year prior to suicide deaths
Suicide risk in bipolar disorder during treatment with lithium and valproate
Delayed sleep phase identified as a subtype of sleep disturbance in bipolar disorder
Development of an online interactive self-help program for significant others:
A feasibility randomised controlled trial of a culturally adapted psycho-education for bipolar disorder
The long-term effects of psychoeducation on number of hospitalizations: a randomized controlled trial comparing group or individual treatment for patients with bipolar disorder
The evolution of illness representations: a therapeutic lever in psychoeducation
Verbal learning and memory abilities and the outcome of psychological treatments in bipolar disorder – data from a RCT
Diagnosis-specific, individualized peer support for bipolar disorder
A qualitative study of reasons for nonadherence to psychiatric and cardiovascular risk factors treatment among patients with bipolar disorder in Puerto Rico
Understanding family functioning in bipolar disorder: a comparison of bipolar patients, family caregivers and healthy controls
Emotion processing is not related to self-reported measures of social functioning in bipolar disorder
Additive effects of polygenetic risk and childhood trauma on clinical characteristics in severe mental disorders
Dopaminergic animal models of mania
Intracerebroventricular administration of ouabain as an animal model for mania
An efficient test battery for rapid characterization of new generation of non-toxic antipsychotics derived from clozapine
Deep brain stimulation in ACTH-treated rats induce mania-like behavior: role for mitochondrial dysfunction in cycling mood states
Oxidative DNA guanine base damage and base excision repair (BER) in euthymic patients with bipolar disorder
Cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor (CDNF) levels are increased in bipolar disorder
Mitochondrial DNA sequence analysis of patients with bipolar disorder
Associations among reward-based learning, mood and anxiety symptoms, and their relation to brain neurophysiology in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Neuromapping of endophenotypes for affective disorders: a twin study of neurocognitive, neuroimaging, cellular and epigenetic markers (the NEAD study)
Protein S100 level and psychovegetative disorders in patients with cronic cerebral ischemia
A feasibility study evaluating peripheral biomarkers in depression subtypes
BDNF moderates the association between oxidative stress and cognition in adolescent bipolar disorder
Differences between manic and depressive bipolar inpatients in biochemical blood parameters
Peripheral neuroplasticity-related biomarkers in children and adolescent bipolar disorder: a nested school-based controlled study
The role of metabolic parameters in influencing circulating cytokine levels in depressed and euthymic individuals with bipolar I/II disorder
Does long-term treatment with recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO) impact on inflammatory markers and plasma brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels in patients with affective disorders?
Two factor model of sleep problems in youths: hypersomnia/fatigue and insomnia/sleep problems show distinct diagnostic correlates
Prevalence and clinical correlates of non-suicidal self injury in adolescents with bipolar disorder
Nutritional behaviours among adolescents with bipolar disorder
Correlates of disruptive mood dysregulated disorder (DMDD) phenotype among adolescents with bipolar disorder
Psychosocial treatment utilization among adolescents with bipolar disorder
Suicide and adolescent bipolar disorder: is substance use a moderator for suicide in the bipolar spectrum
Evidence for a cohort effect: a child network for assessing naturalistic treatment in the community
A pharmacologic algorithm for youth at-risk for bipolar disorder
Clinical correlates of first episode polarity in adolescents with bipolar disorder
Errors in identifying emotion in body postures and facial expressions among youth with pediatric bipolar disorder
Emotional dysregulation in adolescents, a common potential denominator between eating disorders and bipolar spectrum
Women with history of mood disorders show greater circadian rhythm disruption across the perinatal period: preliminary analyses of a longitudinal study
Are winter and summer type different in SAD?
Clinical characteristics of bipolar I vs II disorder in an Italian sample
Differential effect of lithium and Quetiapine on brain corticostriatal networks resting-state connectivity in first episode mania patients
Bipolar II disorder, ketogenic diet, and social rhythm therapy: case study
Factors influencing HAMD score in BP depression an acute treatment
An item response theory evaluation of the young mania rating scale and the Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale in STEP-BD
Rationale and design of OxLith: a randomised placebo controlled trial exploring the short-term physical and psychological effects of lithium on mood instability
The promise of the PCORnet MoodNetwork
Pilot study on the applicability of the screen for cognitive impairment in psychiatry (SCIP) in a clinical population with bipolar disorder (BD)
Association between mood variability and emotional processing among individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder
Disrupted organization of visual perception in patients with bipolar disorder
Are power spectral density of EEG and cognitive function different in bipolar disorder I and II?
Association between personality traits and depression in bipolar patients
Neuropsychological performance in genetically at high-risk and ultra-high-risk offspring of parents with bipolar disorder
Triglyceride levels are associated with working memory among adolescents with bipolar disorder
Semantic inhibition in relation to hypomanic personality traits: an event related potential study
Auditory attention deficits in bipolar disorder
Mood symptoms confer risk for suicidal ideation in bipolar disorder: multi-wave data from STEP-BD
Assessment of cognitive impairment in manic episode from bipolar affective disorder
Impact of comorbid anxiety disorders in prospective suicide attempts
Prevalence and socio-demographic and clinical correlates of eating disorder comorbidity in bipolar disorder patients
Identification of a novel candidate epigene for antipsychotic-induced insulin resistance in bipolar disorder
Sexual abuse prevalence in bipolar disorder first-time psychiatric evaluations: a Mexican retrospective cohort
Binge behavior, binge eating disorder, and bulimia in bipolar disorder
Increased atherogenic index of plasma (AIP) and atherogenic coefficient (AC) in major depression and bipolar disorder, especially when comorbid with tobacco use disorder
Can statins prevent lithium-associated diabetes insipidus? Findings from the MCGLIDICS study
Comorbid anxiety disorder associates with poor sleep quality in euthymic bipolar disorder patients
Self-managing bipolar disorder and comorbid diabetes: older and wiser?
Understanding adolescent bipolar disorder (BD-A): when is a dual diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) appropriate? Experiences from the USA and UK
Demographic and clinical characteristics associated with comorbid cannabis use disorders (CUDs) in hospitalized patients with bipolar disorder
Prevention is better than cure-target is: elimination of self-defeating behaviors-stress-anxiety-depression and other disorders @ 25% to 35% at global level
Strengths and limitations of more versus less inclusive definitions of mixed depression (not counting “overlapping” mood elevation symptoms) in bipolar disorder patients
The Internal State Scale: exam of its psychometric characteristics in a large mood disorder, tertiary care sample and its ability to discriminate among mood phases
Definition of research diagnostic criteria for cyclothymic disorder
Lithium therapy: the nephrologist's point of view
Multimodal group intervention in first-episode psychosis: a randomized clinical trial of effectiveness
Impulsivity predicts the onset of (hypo)manic episodes in individuals with bipolar spectrum disorder
Mood episodes triggered by sleep loss: heterogeneity within bipolar disorder
Factors associated with greater burden of caregivers of elderly bipolar patients: the importance of functionality and neuropsychiatric symptoms
MAC-PMSS: preliminary analyses of a new DSM-5-based tool to monitor concurrent mood and premenstrual symptoms
Sex differences in symptoms and function in age groups of patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
The effect of resilience on quality of life in patients with bipolar disorder: a controlled study
Age at onset in first episode bipolar disorder: effect of recall bias and cultural influences
The relation between impulsivity and suicide intent in bipolar patients: the role of childhood trauma
Differential prevalence and demographic and clinical correlates of antipsychotic use in bipolar I disorder versus bipolar II disorder
Childhood trauma predicts neuroticism in bipolar disorder
Characteristics of and possible contributing factors to chronic insomnia in patients with bipolar disorder
Efficiency of defense mechanisms activism type in bipolar disorder (case report)
Association study of ApoE gene polymorphisms and neurodevelopmental markers in BPAD
Harnessing the power of CBPR approaches in bipolar disorders
Thyroid abnormalities in lithium treated bipolar patients: a crossectional study with healthy controls
Roles of metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluRs) in bipolar disorder: a systematic review
First bipolar episodes and functionality. Relation with depressive symptoms and inflammation
5-HTTLPR genotype associated with inattention in childhood of the subjects with bipolar disorder
How childhood maltreatment is related to bipolarity and central serotonergic activity in patients with major depressive disorder: a cross-sectional pilot study
Steeper slope of age-related white matter changes in bipolar disorder: a diffusion tensor imaging study
Differences in resting state connectivity between follicular and luteal menstrual cycle phases in euthymic women with bipolar disorder
Metabolites and volumes of the hippocampi in bipolar disorder
Cortical thickness in bipolar disorder: a systematic review
Lithium treatment and hippocampal subfields and amygdala volumes in bipolar disorder
Brain volumetric changes in high-risk and ultra-high-risk offspring of bipolar proband
Differences in emotion regulation between unmedicated bipolar and major depressive disorder interact with mood state
A multi-relational model for depression relapse in patients with bipolar disorder by means of a machine learning approach
Discussion board utilization within an online self-help program for bipolar disorder (MoodSwings 2.0)
The simple project: self-monitoring and psychoeducation with a smartphone application
Mental health telemetry for mapping mood dynamics in bipolar disorder and affective illness
Systematic assessment of mobile apps for bipolar disorder: features and content
Daily and weekly mood ratings: relative contributions to the differentiation of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder
Effects of a multimodal intervention program in patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
Impact of online continuing medical education on improving treatment of depression in bipolar I disorder
Success of online educational intervention on the management of depression in bipolar I disorder
Perception of stigma among patients with humor disorders
Psychiatric polypharmacy and implications for obesity
Lurasidone for the treatment of major depressive disorder with mixed features: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled 6 week trial
Efficacy and safety of long-term treatment with lurasidone in older adults with bipolar depression: results of a 6 month open-label study
Efficacy and safety of lurasidone in older adults with bipolar depression: analysis of two double-blind, placebo-controlled studies
Lurasidone in bipolar depression studies: dose utilization frequencies
Providing further details on the experience of somnolence for patients with acute depressive episodes treated with quetiapine XR
Antidepressants in bipolar disorder why does the controversy continue?
Adjunctive asenapine in the treatment of mania in clinical practice: results from the MANACOR study
Protective and risk factors for medication related cognitive impairment in individuals with bipolar disorder
Lithium nephropathy: a long-term complication of chronic lithium therapy
Bipolar patients treated by long-acting injectable risperidone in Taiwan: a one-year mirror-image study using a national claim-based database
Bipolar patients treated by long-acting injectable risperidone in Taiwan: a one-year mirror-image study using a national claims database
Minocycline as an adjunct for the treatment of depressive symptoms: pilot randomised controlled trial
Effectiveness of medication in preventing hospitalization of bipolar patients – a register based study of mood stabilizing medication with lithium and anticonvulsants in Sweden
Dosing patterns among patients initiating lurasidone for the treatment of bipolar disorder: a real-world claims database analysis
Paliperidone palmitate vs. oral atypical antipsychotics in schizoaffective disorders
Aripiprazole impact in defenses modulation and reality testing. Efficacy in manic episodes
Strategic algorithms of pharmacotherapy of bipolar affective disorder
Economic burden of bipolar disorder in the United Kingdom: a patient-level exploratory analysis
Mental health population study: a retrospective review of the incidence of prescribed antipsychotic medications and other substances detected in urine
A prospective naturalistic multisite follow-up of survival times for patients with bipolar disorder treated under CANMAT guidelines
Insomnia and hypersomnia in bipolar disorder
A study of emotional intelligence in patients with bipolar disorder
The integrated intervention for patients with bipolar disorder in the Italian mental health services: a possible and effective choice
Ethical dilemmas of participant safety monitoring in online clinical research
Fast psychoeducational intervention in patients with affective disorders in a general hospital
Meditation, mindfulness and Naikan: are they for me?
Negative familiar environment and child trauma can be associated with bipolar disorder
Young-adult family members as participants, recipients and agents in psychosocial interventions for mental health promotion in Germany and Canada
Meditation, mindfulness and Naikan: are they for me?
Naikan process: wellness through introspection
Influence of depressive symptoms on the functionality in a early onset sample of first manic episode patients