Lithium and renal and upper urinary tract tumors – results from a nationwide population-based study
Early-onset and very-early-onset bipolar disorder: distinct or similar clinical conditions?
Predictors of long-term work disability among patients with type I and II bipolar disorder: a prospective 18-month follow-up study
Differences in sleep disturbances among offspring of parents with and without bipolar disorder: association with conversion to bipolar disorder
Transcranial direct current stimulation to enhance cognition in euthymic bipolar disorder
Polymorphisms of dopamine pathway genes NRG1 and LMX1A are associated with cognitive performance in bipolar disorder
Social rhythm disrupting events increase the risk of recurrence among individuals with bipolar disorder
Alterations in neural Theory of Mind processing in euthymic patients with bipolar disorder and unaffected relatives
Catatonia in 26 patients with bipolar disorder: clinical features and response to electroconvulsive therapy
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