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Ketamine‐induced inhibition of glycogen synthase kinase‐3 contributes to the augmentation of α‐amino‐3‐hydroxy‐5‐methylisoxazole‐4‐propionic acid (AMPA) receptor signaling
A population‐based study of the comparative effectiveness of second‐generation antipsychotics vs older antimanic agents in bipolar disorder
fMRI brain activation changes following treatment of a first bipolar manic episode
Early report on brain arousal regulation in manic vs depressive episodes in bipolar disorder
Neuroprogression and episode recurrence in bipolar I disorder : A study of gray matter volume changes in first‐episode mania and association with clinical outcome
Replication of genome‐wide association study (GWAS) susceptibility loci in a Latino bipolar disorder cohort
The effects of cigarette smoking behavior and psychosis history on general and social cognition in bipolar disorder
Vestibular neuromodulation : stimulating the neural crossroads of psychiatric illness