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Nonconvulsive electrotherapy in psychiatry : The treatment of the mental disorders of the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch
Voxel‐based morphometry meta‐analysis of gray and white matter finds significant areas of differences in bipolar patients from healthy controls
Systematic assessment of environmental risk factors for bipolar disorder : an umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta‐analyses
Resting state functional connectivity in women with bipolar disorder during clinical remission
Serum phosphatidylinositol as a biomarker for bipolar disorder liability
Body mass index associates with white matter microstructure in bipolar depression
Adverse effects of obesity on cognitive functions in individuals at ultra high risk for bipolar disorder : Results from the global mood and brain science initiative
Electroencephalographic patterns of lithium poisoning : a study of the effect/concentration relationships in the rat
Cognitive profiles in euthymic patients with bipolar disorders : results from the FACE‐BD cohort