Preference-Based Approaches to Measuring the Benefits of Perinatal Care
Improving Skilled Attendance at Delivery : A Preliminary Report of the SAFE Strategy Development Tool
Feeling in Control During Labor : Concepts, Correlates, and Consequences
Women's Memory of Childbirth at Two Months and One Year after the Birth
Effect of Operative Delivery in the Second Stage of Labor on Breastfeeding Success
Breastfeeding Support from Partners and Grandmothers : Perceptions of Swedish Women
Women's Recognition of the Spontaneous Onset of Labor
Windows in Space and Time : A Personal Perspective on Birth and Death
Support During Pregnancy for Women at Increased Risk of Low Birthweight Babies
Aerobic Exercise for Women During Pregnancy
Perinatal Patient Education : A Practical Guide with Education Handouts for Patients
Before Your Pregnancy : A 90-Day Guide for Couples on How To Prepare For a Healthy Conception
Cytotec (misoprostol)
Cytotec (misoprostol)