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Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt and the Current Implications for Abortion Access
Birth and the Bush : Untangling the Debate Around Women's Pubic Hair
Regional Gradients in Institutional Cesarean Delivery Rates : Evidence from Five Countries in Asia
A Predictive Model for Cesarean Among Low‐Risk Nulliparous Women in Spontaneous Labor at Hospital Admission
Childbirth Education Class and Birth Plans Are Associated with a Vaginal Delivery
Cost Analysis of Following Up Incomplete Low‐Risk Fetal Anatomy Ultrasounds
The Role of Trust in CenteringPregnancy : Building Interpersonal Trust Relationships in Group‐Based Prenatal Care in The Netherlands
“Very Good” Ratings in a Survey of Maternity Care : Kindness and Understanding Matter to Australian Women
Client‐Related Factors Associated with a “Less than Good” Experience of Midwifery Care during Childbirth in the Netherlands
Nativity, Country of Education, and Mexican‐Origin Women's Breastfeeding Behaviors in the First 10 Months Postpartum
Indications for Cesarean Delivery in Mexico : Evaluation of Appropriate Use and Justification
Midwives’ Management during the Second Stage of Labor in Relation to Second‐Degree Tears—An Experimental Study