Extraction of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide from an oxygen carrier using molecular sieve 5A.

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Nitric oxide (NO) is effective in the management of pulmonary hypertension and shunt-related hypoxia. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is formed when the gas is delivered with oxygen. Both oxides of nitrogen have well recognized adverse effects. The scavenging properties of several forms of soda lime have been investigated. A gas flow containing NO 70 ppm and NO2 5 ppm in oxygen was introduced into a vertically mounted Waters' canister containing: (i) 125 g of molecular sieve 5A (a calcium aluminosilicate zeolite) and (ii) 135 g of soda lime containing a potassium permanganate marker. NO and NO2 concentrations were measured at hourly intervals at the entry and exit points using an electrochemical analyser. Extraction ratios (gradient/ inlet x 100) were calculated for a 24-h period. High extraction ratios (in excess of 90%) of NO and NO2 were observed with both compounds for up to 1 h but these declined rapidly after this time with soda lime. In contrast, the molecular sieve produced extraction ratios in excess of 98% for both gases over the 24-h period. We conclude that the molecular seive 5A is a highly effective scavenger of NO and NO2.

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