Education and training in airway management.
Adrenocortical function in critical illness.
Effect of graft reperfusion on haemodynamics and gas exchange during liver transplantation.
Factors affecting assessment of cerebral autoregulation using the transient hyperaemic response test.
Influence of dose of domperidone on the acute ventilatory response to hypoxia in humans.
A physiology simulator : validation of its respiratory components and its ability to predict the patient's response to changes in mechanical ventilation.
Respiratory sinus arrhythmia and clinical signs of anaesthesia in children.
Changes in blood-gas tensions during apnoeic oxygenation in paediatric patients.
Beta 2-adrenergic responsiveness in vivo during abdominal surgery.
Effect of preoperative extradural bupivacaine and morphine on stump sensation in lower limb amputees.
Does speed of intrathecal injection affect the distribution of 0.5% hyperbaric bupivacaine?
Effect of nimodipine on regression of spinal analgesia.
An open, randomized comparison of alfentanil, remifentanil and alfentanil followed by remifentanil in anaesthesia for craniotomy.
Patient-maintained remifentanil target-controlled infusion for the transition to early postoperative analgesia.
Ketorolac, diclofenac and ketoprofen are equally efficacious for pain relief after total hip replacement surgery.
Influence of timing of morphine administration on postoperative pain and analgesic consumption.
A qualitative systematic review of incisional local anaesthesia for postoperative pain relief after abdominal operations.
High-dose ondansetron regimen vs droperidol for morphine patient-controlled analgesia.
Granisetron-droperidol combination for the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting in female patients undergoing breast surgery.
Oral granisetron prevents postoperative vomiting in children.
Haemodynamic and electroencephalographic response to insertion of a cuffed oropharyngeal airway : comparison with the laryngeal mask airway.
Saline as an alternative to air for filling the laryngeal mask airway cuff.
Technique training : endoscopic percutaneous tracheostomy.
Evaluation of nitrogen dioxide scavengers during delivery of inhaled nitric oxide.
In vitro degradation of atracurium and cisatracurium at pH 7.4 and 37 degrees C depends on the composition of the incubating solutions.
I.v. anaesthesia and EEG burst suppression in rats : bolus injections and closed-loop infusions.
Steady-state propofol brain : plasma and brain
Effects of posture on blood flow diversion by hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction in dogs.
Effects of etomidate, propofol and thiopental anaesthesia on arteriolar tone in the rat diaphragm.
Primary afferent-evoked release of immunoreactive galanin in the spinal cord of the neuropathic rat.
Antibacterial activity of lidocaine in mixtures with Diprivan.
Postoperative cognitive deficit in the elderly surgical patient.
Mivacurium compared with succinylcholine in children with liver disease.
Atropine premedication and the cardiovascular response to electroconvulsive therapy.
Adrenal failure in the critically ill.
Repeated transient neurological symptoms after spinal anaesthesia with hyperbaric 5% lidocaine.
Prolonged endotracheal intubation in infants and children. 1965.
Anaesthesia for telescopic procedures in the thorax.
Anaesthesia for telescopic procedures in the thorax.
A case made for automated anaesthetic record keeping.
Peripheral blocks of the lower limb for repair of fractured neck of femur.
Propofol and asepsis : is it safer to use the TCI technique?
Ketorolac does not increase the risk of renal dysfunction after lung surgery.
Local anaesthesia for routine ocular surgery.
Pain after amputation.
Stature of anaesthetic personnel and positioning of patients.
Vecuronium, like rocuronium, causes pain on injection.