Ethical review of research.
'Alveolar recruitment strategy' improves arterial oxygenation during general anaesthesia.
A low concentration of nitrous oxide reduces dyspnoea produced by a combination of hypercapnia and severe elastic load.
Effect of sevoflurane concentration on inhalation induction of anaesthesia in the elderly.
Identification of causal relations between haemodynamic variables, auditory evoked potentials and isoflurane by means of fuzzy logic.
Predicting outcome after cardiac surgery
Coating of extracorporeal circuit with heparin does not prevent sequestration of propofol in vitro.
Troponin I and myocardial injury in the ICU.
Complement activation and increased systemic and pulmonary vascular resistance indices during infusion of postoperatively drained untreated blood.
Influence of bolus size on efficacy of postoperative patient-controlled analgesia with piritramide.
Ketoprofen, diclofenac or ketorolac for pain after tonsillectomy in adults?
Antagonism of vecuronium-induced neuromuscular block in patients pretreated with magnesium sulphate
Volatile anaesthetics and the atmosphere
Distinct molecular sites of anaesthetic action
Comparison of exogenous surfactant therapy, mechanical ventilation with high end-expiratory pressure and partial liquid ventilation in a model of acute lung injury.
I.v. lidocaine worsens histamine-induced bronchoconstriction in dogs.
Intracoronary propofol attenuates myocardial but not coronary endothelial dysfunction after brief ischaemia and reperfusion in dogs.
Haemodynamic assessment of hypovolaemia under general anaesthesia in pigs submitted to graded haemorrhage and retransfusion.
Effects of dopexamine on blood flow in multiple splanchnic sites measured by laser Doppler velocimetry in rabbits undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass.
Effect of 20% in vitro haemodilution with warmed buffered salt solution and cerebrospinal fluid on coagulation.
Surgical pain attenuates acute morphine tolerance in rats.
The sitting position in neurosurgery
Nocturnal hypoxaemia and respiratory function after endovascular and conventional abdominal aortic aneurysm repair.
Preliminary evaluation of a new prototype laryngeal mask in children.
Comparison between tracheal tubes for orotracheal fibreoptic intubation.
Changes in plasma potassium concentration during carbon dioxide pneumoperitoneum.
Dynamic cardiomyoplasty in patients with end-stage heart failure
Epidural analgesia in an obstetric patient with Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome.
Mathematical coupling in research.
Thoracic paravertebral block.
Optimal cuff volume for the laryngeal mask.
Adrenal failure in the critically ill.
Local anaesthesia for routine ocular surgery.
Autologous blood transfusion.