Influence of low-dose anaesthetic agents on ventilatory control : where do we stand?
Magnesium : quo vadis?
Effects of subanaesthetic sevoflurane on ventilation. 1 : Response to acute and sustained hypercapnia in humans.
Effects of subanaesthetic sevoflurane on ventilation. 2 : Response to acute and sustained hypoxia in humans.
Segregation of malignant hyperthermia, central core disease and chromosome 19 markers.
Closed-loop control of propofol anaesthesia.
Topographical anatomy of the lumbar epidural region : an in vivo study using computerized axial tomography.
Acute pain induces an instant increase in natural killer cell cytotoxicity in humans and this response is abolished by local anaesthesia.
Dose-dependency of intra-articular morphine analgesia.
Analgesia after intracranial surgery : a double-blind, prospective comparison of codeine and tramadol.
Pharmacodynamic interaction of eltanolone and alfentanil during lower abdominal surgery in female patients.
Rectal paracetamol has a significant morphine-sparing effect after hysterectomy.
Low-dose clonidine infusion during labour.
Pre-existing medical conditions as predictors of adverse events in day-case surgery.
Low-dose esmolol bolus reduces seizure duration during electroconvulsive therapy : a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.
Tactile evaluation of fade of the train-of-four and double-burst stimulation using the anaesthetist's non-dominant hand.
Low-dose succinylcholine facilitates laryngeal mask airway insertion during thiopental anaesthesia.
Morphological correlates of the differential responses of muscles to vecuronium.
Relaxant effect of propofol on the airway in dogs.
A novel model of aspiration in young and old guinea-pigs using LacZ gene transduction of adenovirus vector.
Magnesium : physiology and pharmacology.
Effects of inhaled nitric oxide 10 ppm in spontaneously breathing horses anaesthetized with halothane.
Mitochondrial redox state in the critically ill.
Effect of i.v. furosemide on pelvic urinary oxygen tension in humans.
Pro-coagulant effect of in vitro haemodilution is not inhibited by aspirin.
Effects of i.v. anaesthetic agents on the chemotaxis of eosinophils in vitro.
Allergy of anaesthetizing agents in Spain.
Residual neuromuscular block caused by pancuronium after cardiac surgery.
Post-tetanic count and train-of-four responses during neuromuscular block produced by vecuronium and infusion of nicardipine.
Emergency repair of incidentally diagnosed ascending aortic aneurysm immediately after caesarean section.
Effect of haemorrhage on plasma propofol concentrations in a patient undergoing orthotopic liver transplantation.
Detection of an epileptic mirror focus after oral application of clonidine.
Acupressure and prevention of PONV.
Vertebral canal haematoma is a hazard of spinal-epidural anaesthesia in patients treated with low-molecular weight heparins.
Dry soda lime degrades sevoflurane during simulated inhalation induction.
Sevoflurane anaesthesia with an Oxford Miniature Vaporizer.
Induction of anaesthesia in the lateral decubitus position in morbidly obese patients.
The electronic anaesthetic logbook and the millennium bug or Y2K problem.
Low-dose nitrous oxide and dyspnoea.
Tears at bedtime.
Tears at bedtime.
Tears at bedtime.
Tears at bedtime.
Evidence-based anaesthetic practice.
Dealing with expected difficult intubation.