Confidence in statistical analysis
Why does smoking protect against PONV?
Phase behaviour of premixed 0.25% isoflurane in 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen†
Simulated use of premixed 0.25% isoflurane in 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen†
Equipment problems during anaesthesia—are they a quality problem?
Stereoselective in vitro degradation pattern of mivacurium in human plasma†
Pharmacogenetics of codeine metabolism in an urban population of children and its implications for analgesic reliability
Plasma lidocaine concentrations following insertion of 2% lidocaine gel into the uterine cavity after uterine balloon thermal ablation
Effects of intramuscular administration of lidocaine or bupivacaine on induction and maintenance doses of propofol evaluated by bispectral index
Sevoflurane anaesthesia in children after induction of anaesthesia with midazolam and thiopental does not cause epileptiform EEG
Esmolol prevents movement and attenuates the BIS response to orotracheal intubation†
Patient satisfaction with anaesthesia care: development of a psychometric questionnaire and benchmarking among six hospitals in Switzerland and Austria†‡
Stress in UK intensive care unit doctors
Comparison of effects of anandamide at recombinant and endogenous rat vanilloid receptors
Electrophysiological effects of morphine in an in vitro model of the ‘border zone’ between normal and ischaemic–reperfused guinea-pig myocardium
Sevoflurane preconditions stunned myocardium in septic but not healthy isolated rat hearts
Parkinson’s disease and anaesthesia
What information do anaesthetists provide for patients?
Lactic acidosis in the rectal lumen of patients with septic shock measured by luminal equilibrium dialysis
Bacterial contamination of epidural needles after multiple skin passes
Intrathecal morphine overdose during combined spinal–epidural block for Caesarean delivery
Management of a known difficult airway in a morbidly obese patient with gross supraglottic oedema secondary to thyroid disease
Probable allergic reaction to cyclosporin and early formation of thrombi on a pulmonary artery catheter: two unusual complications during bilateral lung transplantation
In vivo effect of haemodilution with saline on coagulation
Quality of pre-hospital emergency ventilation in patients with severe head injury
Mechanical closure of the vocal cords with the LMA ProSeal™
Management of failed intubation in a septic parturient
Survival and success of weaning from prolonged ventilation
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