Anaesthesia and SARS
When should we transfuse critically ill and perioperative patients with known coronary artery disease?†
Old dog—new (ma)trix†
Do genes influence outcome from anaesthesia?
Effects of dexamethasone on clinical course, C-reactive protein, S100B protein and von Willebrand factor antigen after paediatric cardiac surgery
Left ventricular regional wall motion abnormalities during pneumoperitoneum in children
Closed-loop control of propofol anaesthesia using bispectral index™: performance assessment in patients receiving computer-controlled propofol and manually controlled remifentanil infusions for minor surgery†
Sedation caused by clonidine in patients with spinal cord injury
Analgesic effects of parecoxib following total abdominal hysterectomy†‡
Cerebral and lung kinetics of morphine in conscious sheep after short intravenous infusions
Effects of halogenated anaesthetics on diaphragmatic actin–myosin cross-bridge kinetics
Effects of sevoflurane on sympathetic neurotransmission in human omental arteries and veins
Cerebral oxygen vasoreactivity and cerebral tissue oxygen reactivity†
Sub-Tenon's administration of local anaesthetic: a review of the technique
A simple method to pass a pulmonary artery flotation catheter rapidly into the pulmonary artery in anaesthetized patients
Hyperlordosis as a possible factor in the development of spinal cord infarction
Acute heart failure during spinal surgery in a boy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Unusual presentation of long QT syndrome
Outreach critical care
The effect of haemodilution on coagulation
Atracurium is associated with postoperative residual curarization
Unexplained fitting in patients with post-dural puncture headache. Risk of iatrogenic pneumocephalus with air rationalizes use of loss of resistance to saline
Repeated intranasal capsaicin applications to treat chronic migraine
Oxford Textbook of Medicine, 4th Edn
Respiratory Critical Care
Sedation and Analgesia for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures