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Evaluation of simple criteria to predict successful weaning from mechanical ventilation in intensive care patients
Model-based control of mechanical ventilation: design and clinical validation
Effects of mid-line thoracotomy on the interaction between mechanical ventilation and cardiac filling during cardiac surgery
Detection of cognitive decline after coronary surgery: a comparison of computerized and conventional tests
Changes in serum albumin concentration and volume expanding effects following a bolus of albumin 20% in septic patients
NICE guidelines for central venous catheterization in children. Is the evidence base sufficient?
Gender differences in baroreflex response and heart rate variability in anaesthetized humans
Perioperative thermal insulation: minimal clinically important differences?
Prediction of depth of sedation and anaesthesia by the Narcotrend™ EEG monitor
Early analgesic effects of parecoxib versus ketorolac following laparoscopic sterilization: a randomized controlled trial†
Epidural test dose with levobupivacaine and ropivacaine: determination of ED50 motor block after spinal administration
Drug patient information leaflets in anaesthesia: effect on anxiety and patient satisfaction
Chronopharmacological studies of ketamine in normal and NMDA ε1 receptor knockout mice†
Medical aerosol propellant interference with infrared anaesthetic gas monitors†
Difficulty in advancing a tracheal tube over a fibreoptic bronchoscope: incidence, causes and solutions
Physiological abnormalities in early warning scores are related to mortality in adult inpatients†
Cardiovascular changes with the laryngeal mask airway in cardiac anaesthesia
Retrieval of a retrograde catheter using suction, in patients who cannot open their mouths
Percutaneous tracheostomy: a guide wire complication
Remifentanil and anaesthesia for carcinoid syndrome
Spinal epidural abscess—a rare complication after epidural analgesia for labour and delivery
Early exploration of diplopia with magnetic resonance imaging after peribulbar anaesthesia
Obstetric epidurals and chronic adhesive arachnoiditis
Use of the ProSeal™ laryngeal mask airway for airway maintenance during emergency Caesarean section after failed intubation
Another case of use of the ProSeal™ laryngeal mask airway in a difficult obstetric airway
Tracheostomy in a patient with SARS
Protective ventilation of patients with ARDS
Endotoxaemia during left ventricular assist device insertion
Oesophagectomy and elective postoperative ventilation
Epidurals in septic patients
Sub-Tenon's block: are fasting and intravenous access necessary?
Bupivacaine in the sub-Tenon's space to relieve postoperative pain in a child
Unrestricted sips of water before Caesarean section
Anaesthesia and Intensive Care A-Z–An Encyclopaedia of Principles and Practice, 3rd Edn