Editorial I: Neurocritical care: has it come of age?
Editorial II: Fast-tracking in day surgery. Is your journey to the recovery room really necessary?
Editorial III: Preoperative assessment of the airway: should anaesthetists be making use of modern imaging techniques?
Reduction in mortality from severe head injury following introduction of a protocol for intensive care management†‡
Fast-tracking (bypassing the PACU) does not reduce nursing workload after ambulatory surgery†
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Determination of diffusion and partition coefficients of propofol in rat brain tissue: implications for studies of drug action in vitro
Pulmonary vasodilator effects of norepinephrine during the development of chronic pulmonary hypertension in neonatal lambs
Effects of ephedrine and phenylephrine on uterine and placental circulations and fetal outcome following fetal hypoxaemia and epidural-induced hypotension in a sheep model†
Effects of xenon anaesthesia on intestinal oxygenation in acutely instrumented pigs†
Perioperative systemic haemostatic agents
Anaesthesia for laparoscopic urological surgery
Preoperative airway evaluation using multi-slice three-dimensional computed tomography for a patient with severe tracheal stenosis†
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