Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths: 50 years of closing the loop
Maternal deaths from anaesthesia. An extract from Why Mothers Die 2000–2002, the Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in the United Kingdom† : Chapter 9: Anaesthesia
Maternal deaths from anaesthesia. An extract from Why Mothers Die 2000–2002, the Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in the United Kingdom† : Chapter 17: Trends in intensive care
POSSUM scoring for patients with fractured neck of femur†
Precision and bias of target controlled propofol infusion for sedation†
Effects of magnesium sulphate and clonidine on propofol consumption, haemodynamics and postoperative recovery
Life-threatening postoperative blood loss in a Jehovah's Witness, treated with high-dose erythropoietin
Prevalence of ischaemic heart disease at admission to intensive care and its influence on red cell transfusion thresholds: multicentre Scottish Study†
Hypoalbuminaemia does not impair Diprifusor performance during sedation with propofol
Dopexamine and its role in the protection of hepatosplanchnic and renal perfusion in high-risk surgical and critically ill patients
Nitric oxide synthase is downregulated, while haem oxygenase is increased, in patients with septic shock
Non-heartbeating organ donation: clinical process and fundamental issues
Xenon reduces glutamate-, AMPA-, and kainate-induced membrane currents in cortical neurones
Anoxic depolarization of rat hippocampal slices is prevented by thiopental but not by propofol or isoflurane
Relationship between Bispectral Index, electroencephalographic state entropy and effect-site EC50 for propofol at different clinical endpoints
Peripartum presentation of an acute aortic dissection
Dural ectasia: a likely cause of inadequate spinal anaesthesia in two parturients with Marfan's syndrome
Effects of acetaminophen on morphine side-effects and consumption after major surgery: meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials†
Comparison of caudal steroid epidural with targeted steroid placement during spinal endoscopy for chronic sciatica: a prospective, randomized, double-blind trial
Combined ilioinguinal blockade and local infiltration anaesthesia for groin hernia repair—a double-blind randomized study
Long-term evaluation of motor function following intraneural injection of ropivacaine using walking track analysis in rats
Reduced activation of immunomodulatory transcription factors during positive end-expiratory pressure adjustment based on volume-dependent compliance in isolated perfused rabbit lungs
Clonidine produces a dose-dependent impairment of baroreflex-mediated thermoregulatory responses to positive end-expiratory pressure in anaesthetized humans
Postpartum post-dural puncture headache
Reduction in mortality from severe head injury following introduction of a protocol for intensive care management
Levobupivacaine base and levobupivacaine hydrochloride
ILMA in cervical spine immobilization
Aspiration and the laryngeal mask airway
Anaphylaxis and anaesthesia
CobraPLA as a conduit for flexible bronchoscopy in a child under general anaesthesia
The Manual for Blood Conservation
MCQs for the Final FRCA
Nerve Blocks in Palliative Care
Core Cases in Obstetric Anaesthesia
Core Topics in Perioperative Medicine
Operating Department Practice A–Z