Using the Bland–Altman method to measure agreement with repeated measures
The balanced concept of fluid resuscitation
Perioperative antiplatelet therapy: the case for continuing therapy in patients at risk of myocardial infarction
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Measurement of cardiac output: a comparison between transpulmonary thermodilution and uncalibrated pulse contour analysis †‡
Evaluation of corrected flow time in oesophageal Doppler as a predictor of fluid responsiveness
Perioperative management of four anaemic female Jehovah's Witnesses undergoing urgent complex cardiac surgery
Faster wash-out and recovery for desflurane vs sevoflurane in morbidly obese patients when no premedication is used
Changes in a surgical stress index in response to standardized pain stimuli during propofol–remifentanil infusion
Effects of propofol and desflurane anaesthesia on the alveolar inflammatory response to one-lung ventilation†
Post-tetanic count at adductor pollicis is a better indicator of early diaphragmatic recovery than train-of-four count at corrugator supercilii
Assessment of healthcare professionals' knowledge of managing emergency complications in patients with a tracheostomy†
Fatal cardiac tamponade as a result of a peripherally inserted central venous catheter: a case report and review of the literature
Ketamine increases the frequency of electroencephalographic bicoherence peak on the α spindle area induced with propofol
Adding ketamine to morphine for patient-controlled analgesia after thoracic surgery: influence on morphine consumption, respiratory function, and nocturnal desaturation
Influence of intraoperative opioid on postoperative pain and pulmonary function after laparoscopic gastric banding: remifentanil TCI vs sufentanil TCI in morbid obesity †
Lumbar radiculopathy after zygapophyseal joint injection
Regional anaesthesia for carotid endarterectomy: an audit over 10 years
Comparison of i.v. cannula and Stevens' cannula for sub-Tenon's block
Airway management for tonsillectomy: a national survey of UK practice†
Respiratory and haemodynamic effects of volume-controlled vs pressure-controlled ventilation during laparoscopy: a cross-over study with echocardiographic assessment
Analysis of 1000 consecutive uses of the ProSeal laryngeal mask airway™ by one anaesthetist at a district general hospital †
Effects of using two airway exchange catheters on laryngeal passage during change from a double-lumen tracheal tube to a single-lumen tracheal tube
IL-18 and SC5b-9 for predicting neurocognitive dysfunction after cardiopulmonary bypass
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