In the April 2008 BJA …
Hypolipidaemic effects of high-dose insulin therapy
Volume 100: clinical investigations: where next?
Mitochondrial disorders and general anaesthesia: a case series and review
Perioperative hyperinsulinaemic normoglycaemic clamp causes hypolipidaemia after coronary artery surgery†
Performance of a minimally invasive uncalibrated cardiac output monitoring system (Flotrac™/Vigileo™) in haemodynamically unstable patients†
Comparison of the effects of gelatin and a modern hydroxyethyl starch solution on renal function and inflammatory response in elderly cardiac surgery patients
Hyperglycaemia blocks sevoflurane-induced postconditioning in the rat heart in vivo: cardioprotection can be restored by blocking the mitochondrial permeability transition pore
Drug-eluting stent thrombosis in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery: is it always a problem?
Infusion of hypertonic saline before elective hysterectomy: effects on cytokines and stress hormones
Effect of dexmedetomidine premedication on the intraocular pressure changes after succinylcholine and intubation
Ketamine gargle for attenuating postoperative sore throat
Effects of short-term simultaneous infusion of dobutamine and terlipressin in patients with septic shock: the DOBUPRESS study†
Comparison of the novel hydroxyethylstarch 130/0.4 and hydroxyethylstarch 200/0.6 in brain-dead donor resuscitation on renal function after transplantation
Pharmacodynamic modelling of the bispectral index response to propofol-based anaesthesia during general surgery in children
Cardiac output measurement in children: comparison of Aesculon® cardiac output monitor and thermodilution
Topical anaesthesia and intravenous cannulation success in paediatric patients: a randomized double-blind trial
Covariates of tramadol disposition in the first months of life
Ultrasound-guided lumbar plexus block through the acoustic window of the lumbar ultrasound trident
Comparison of high- and low-dose intrathecal morphine for spinal fusion in children
Pentax-AWS, a new videolaryngoscope, is more effective than the Macintosh laryngoscope for tracheal intubation in patients with restricted neck movements: a randomized comparative study†
One-lung ventilation induces hyperperfusion and alveolar damage in the ventilated lung: an experimental study
Burdened by training not by anaesthesia
Saving mothers' lives
Intubating laryngeal mask as a ventilatory device
Successful delivery in a morbidly obese patient after failed intubation and regional technique
Tension enterothorax
Nasal tracheal intubation improves the success rate when the Airway Scope blade fails to reach the larynx
Emergency anaesthesia in central core disease
Ethanol-induced acute pulmonary hypertension and right ventricular dysfunction in pigs
Placement of enterogastric tubes
Cardiac Arrest—The Science and Practice of Resuscitation Medicine
The Objective Structured Clinical Examination in Anaesthesia
Anesthesia and Co-existing Disease
Epidurals for Childbirth
Proceedings of the Anaesthetic Research Society Meeting