In the December 2009 BJA …
Cuffed or uncuffed tracheal tubes during anaesthesia in infants and small children : time to put the eternal discussion to rest?
General anaesthesia vs local anaesthesia : an ongoing story
Management of diabetes during surgery : 30 yr of the Alberti regimen
Transcatheter aortic valve insertion : anaesthetic implications of emerging new technology
Comparison of a supra-sternal cardiac output monitor (USCOM) with the pulmonary artery catheter
Impact of xenon anaesthesia in isolated cardiopulmonary bypass on very early leucocyte and platelet activation and clearance : a randomized, controlled study
Reduced cerebral oxygen saturation measured by absolute cerebral oximetry during thoracic surgery correlates with postoperative complications
Effects of maintaining a remifentanil infusion on the recovery profiles during emergence from anaesthesia and tracheal extubation
Determination of serum propofol concentrations by breath analysis using ion mobility spectrometry
Respiratory impedance during weaning from mechanical ventilation in a mixed population of critically ill patients
Regulation of pentraxin-3 by antioxidants
Effects of a recombinant FVIIa analogue, NN1731, on blood loss and survival after liver trauma in the pig
Comparison of the sedative properties of CNS 7056, midazolam, and propofol in sheep
Recombinant activated factor VII for a patient with factor VII deficiency undergoing urgent intracerebral haematoma evacuation with underlying cavernous angioma
Magnesium sulphate has beneficial effects as an adjuvant during general anaesthesia for Caesarean section
Prospective randomized controlled multi-centre trial of cuffed or uncuffed endotracheal tubes in small children#
Analysis of individual patient data from clinical trials : epidural morphine for postoperative pain
Randomized crossover comparison between the i-gel and the LMA-Unique in anaesthetized, paralysed adults
Nasal high-flow therapy delivers low level positive airway pressure
Comparison of different methods of ventilation via cannula cricothyroidotomy in a trachea–lung model†
Pulse pressure variation and stroke volume variation : from flying blind to flying right?
Therapeutic dose of acetaminophen may induce fulminant hepatitis in the presence of risk factors : a report of two cases
Ultrasound-guided transversus abdominis plane block
Continuous i.v. infusion of remifentanil and intraosseous lidocaine provide better analgesia than intraosseous lidocaine alone in percutaneous vertebroplasty of osteoporotic fractures
One-lung ventilation using Proseal™ laryngeal mask airway and Arndt endobronchial blocker in paediatric scoliosis surgery
A unique effect of propofol on the jaw opening reflex
Pain Management from Basics to Clinical Practice
The Structured Oral Examination in Clinical Anaesthesia : Practice Examination Papers
Cancer Pain (Clinical Pain Management)
Oxford Handbook of Critical Care
Proceedings of the 9th International Neuromuscular Meeting : Munich, Germany July 1–4, 2009