Recommendations on perioperative β-blockers : differing guidelines: so what should the clinician do?
Use of albumin : an update
Urgent surgery in patients with a recently implanted coronary drug-eluting stent : a phase II study of ‘bridging’ antiplatelet therapy with tirofiban during temporary withdrawal of clopidogrel
Prospective, randomized, controlled trial of thoracic epidural or patient-controlled opiate analgesia on perioperative quality of life
Orthostatic function and the cardiovascular response to early mobilization after breast cancer surgery
To continue or discontinue aspirin in the perioperative period : a randomized, controlled clinical trial
Confirmation of the ability to ventilate by facemask before administration of neuromuscular blocker : a non-instrumental piece of information?
Haemodilution-induced profibrinolytic state is mitigated by fresh-frozen plasma : implications for early haemostatic intervention in massive haemorrhage
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for cardiorespiratory failure in four patients with pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza virus and secondary bacterial infection
Pharmacokinetic profile in relation to anaesthesia characteristics after a 5% micellar microemulsion of propofol in the horse
Minimum effective bolus dose of oxytocin during elective Caesarean delivery
Effects of magnesium sulphate on intraoperative neuromuscular blocking agent requirements and postoperative analgesia in children with cerebral palsy
Intranasal application of xenon : describing the pharmacokinetics in experimental animals and the increased pain tolerance within a placebo-controlled experimental human study
Interaction of physostigmine and alfentanil in a human pain model†
Effect of preoperative multimedia information on perioperative anxiety in patients undergoing procedures under regional anaesthesia
Proficient manipulation of fibreoptic bronchoscope to carina by novices on first clinical attempt after specialized bench practice
Achieving an adequate minute volume through a 2 mm transtracheal catheter in simulated upper airway obstruction using a modified industrial ejector
Cuffed or uncuffed tubes during anaesthesia in infants and small children
Cuffed or uncuffed tubes during anaesthesia in infants and small children
Cuffed and uncuffed tracheal tube in children
Concomitant levosimendan and esmolol infusion in ischaemic cardiogenic shock
Laryngeal mask airway Supreme™ for asleep–awake–asleep craniotomy
Radiology for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
The Clinical Anaesthesia Viva Book
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