Professors live longer than doctors
Bilateral thoracic paravertebral block
Continuous S-(+)-ketamine administration during elective coronary artery bypass graft surgery attenuates pro-inflammatory cytokine response during and after cardiopulmonary bypass
Venous air embolism and intracardiac thrombus after pressurized fibrin glue during liver surgery
Spinal anaesthesia for ambulatory arthroscopic surgery of the knee
Observational study of nonogenarians undergoing emergency, non-trauma surgery
Neuromuscular dose–response studies
Sugammadex in the management of rocuronium-induced anaphylaxis
Bispectral index is related to the spread of spinal sensory block in patients with combined spinal and general anaesthesia
Effect of remifentanil on plasma propofol concentration and bispectral index during propofol anaesthesia
ED50 and ED95 of intrathecal levobupivacaine with opioids for Caesarean delivery
Effects of epidural analgesia on uterine artery Doppler in labour
Intubating conditions and adverse events during sevoflurane induction in infants
Effect of high-dose preoperative methylprednisolone on pain and recovery after total knee arthroplasty
Patient-initiated mandatory boluses for ambulatory continuous interscalene analgesia
Ultrasound-guided thoracic paravertebral puncture and placement of catheters in human cadavers
Ultrasound-guided spermatic cord block for scrotal surgery
Topography of the lumbar sympathetic trunk in normal lumbar spines and spines with spondylophytes
National census of airway management techniques used for anaesthesia in the UK
Lung function after total intravenous anaesthesia or balanced anaesthesia with sevoflurane
Non-technical skills and recruitment of anaesthesia trainees
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Percutaneous tracheostomy
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Xylometazoline pretreatment reduces nasotracheal intubation-related epistaxis in paediatric dental surgery
Phasing out epidural analgesia for knee arthroplasty
Coagulopathy during intraoperative cell salvage in a patient with major obstetric haemorrhage
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Self-induced hypnosis for bilateral ankle arthroscopy
Propofol and fentanyl induced perioperative anaphylaxis
Intraoperative transoesophageal echocardiographic detection of a retained surgical sponge
Core Topics in Endocrinology in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Palliative Care—A Case-based Guide
Clinical Ambulatory Anaesthesia