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Special issue on anaesthesia and cancer
Morphine stimulates cancer progression and mast cell activation and impairs survival in transgenic mice with breast cancer
Xenon decreases cell migration and secretion of a pro-angiogenesis factor in breast adenocarcinoma cells
Effect of lysine antifibrinolytics and cyclooxygenase inhibitors on the proteolytic profile of breast cancer cells interacting with macrophages or endothelial cells
Lidocaine and ropivacaine, but not bupivacaine, demethylate deoxyribonucleic acid in breast cancer cells in vitro
Potent inhibition by ropivacaine of metastatic colon cancer SW620 cell invasion and NaV1.5 channel function
Effect of thoracic epidural anaesthesia on serum vascular endothelial growth factor C and cytokines in patients undergoing anaesthesia and surgery for colon cancer
Effect of anaesthetic technique on the natural killer cell anti-tumour activity of serum from women undergoing breast cancer surgery
Differential effects of serum from patients administered distinct anaesthetic techniques on apoptosis in breast cancer cells in vitro
Association between preoperative glucocorticoids and long-term survival and cancer recurrence after colectomy
Risk of new or recurrent cancer after a high perioperative inspiratory oxygen fraction during abdominal surgery
Intraoperative use of ketorolac or diclofenac is associated with improved disease-free survival and overall survival in conservative breast cancer surgery
Association of increased postoperative opioid administration with non-small-cell lung cancer recurrence
Association between neuraxial analgesia, cancer progression, and mortality after radical prostatectomy
Increased μ-opioid receptor expression in metastatic lung cancer