‘Known unknowns and unknown unknowns’
Local anaesthetic use in cancer surgery and disease recurrence
Chronic kidney disease
Error modelling in anaesthesia
Perioperative management of diabetic patients
Managing malaria in the intensive care unit
Cryoprecipitate therapy
Morphine-6-glucuronide is responsible for the analgesic effect after morphine administration
Metabolic response to the stress of critical illness
Volatile compared with total intravenous anaesthesia in patients undergoing high-risk cardiac surgery
Enteral absorption and haemodynamic response of clonidine in infants post-cardiac surgery
Effect of preoperative P2Y12 and thrombin platelet receptor inhibition on bleeding after cardiac surgery
Survival after postoperative morbidity
Anaesthetic management during open and percutaneous irreversible electroporation
Acute kidney injury after infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery
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Association between intraoperative electroencephalographic suppression and postoperative mortality‡
Arterial pressure above the upper cerebral autoregulation limit during cardiopulmonary bypass is associated with postoperative delirium
Interrater reliability of qualitative ultrasound assessment of gastric content in the third trimester of pregnancy
Is number sense impaired in chronic pain patients?
κ-Opioid receptor mediates the antinociceptive effect of nitrous oxide in mice
Percutaneous transtracheal ventilation in an obstructed airway model in post-apnoeic sheep
Pulmonary overexpression of inhibitor κBα decreases the severity of ventilator-induced lung injury in a rat model
Multicentre evaluation of perioperative red blood cells transfusions in China
Palatal tremor after brachial plexus anaesthesia
Caveats of pressure control
Indications of extracorporeal life support in poly-trauma
Unexpected benefit of videolaryngoscopy
Complications in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine
Handbook of Anesthesia
Patient Care and Professionalism
Controversies in the Anesthetic Management of the Obese Surgical Patient
Nutrition in Intensive Care Medicine
22nd annual meeting of Chinese Society of Anesthesiology
Effect of flexible laryngeal mask airway in paediatric adenotonsillectomy
Protective effect of Arg-Gly-Asp-Ser peptide on acute lung injury in caecal ligation and puncture-induced sepsis in mice; inhibition of the wisp1-Integrin β6 pathway
Hydrogen gas alleviates intestinal injury caused by severe sepsis via increasing the expression of HO-1 in mice
Effects of combined dexmedetomidine–phosphocreatine post-conditioning on focal cerebral ischaemia–reperfusion injury in rats
Sevoflurane preconditioning attenuates ischaemic oxidative injury via GSK-3β/Keap1-dependent Nrf2 activation
Isoflurane inhibits embryonic stem cell and induces pluripotent stem cell self-renewal by down-regulation of E-cadherin
Inhalation of hydrogen gas attenuates brain injury in mice with caecal ligation and puncture induced sepsis
Effects of age and resveratrol on the hypoxic preconditioning protection against hypoxia–reperfusion injury
Isoflurane-induced neuroapoptosis by activating apoptosis-inducing factor nuclear translocation through JNK signalling in neonatal rats
Therapeutic efficacy of dezocine for the treatment of co-morbid neuropathic pain and itching in mice
Role of HDAC2 in learning and memory dysfunction of Sprague–Dawley rats caused by maternal exposure to sevoflurane during the late gestation period
Morphine preconditioning protects the myocardium against ischaemia–reperfusion injury via ERK/GSK-3B pathway in rats with chronic heart failure
Does dexmedetomidine have a cardioprotective effect in non-cardiac surgery? A randomized controlled trial
Sevoflurane inhibits embryonic stem cell self-renewal and subsequent neural differentiation through let-7a-Lin28 signalling pathway
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment at various stages after chronic constriction injury produces different antinociceptive effects via regulation of P2X4R expression and apoptosis
Cardioprotective effects of in vivo ischaemia and hypoxia preconditioning in a canine double bypass model in dogs
Involvement of GluR2 up-regulation in neuroprotection by electroacupuncture pretreatment via cannabinoid CB1 receptor in mice