Prediction in airway management
Skeletal muscle and plasma concentrations of cefazolin
Need to consider human factors when determining first-line technique for emergency front-of-neck access
In support of ‘usual’ perioperative care
Value of knowing physical characteristics of the airway device before using it
Delayed cerebral ischaemia prevention and treatment after aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage
Randomized evaluation of fibrinogen vs placebo in complex cardiovascular surgery (REPLACE)
Beneficial effects of levosimendan on survival in patients undergoing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation after cardiovascular surgery
Influence of variations in arterial PCO2 on surgical conditions during laparoscopic retroperitoneal surgery
Compliance with an empirical antimicrobial protocol improves the outcome of complicated intra-abdominal infections
Sumatriptan improves postoperative quality of recovery and reduces postcraniotomy headache after cranial nerve decompression
Inhibiting NADPH oxidase protects against long-term memory impairment induced by neonatal sevoflurane exposure in mice
Skeletal muscle and plasma concentrations of cefazolin during complex paediatric spinal surgery†
Introduction of a paediatric anaesthesia comic information leaflet reduced preoperative anxiety in children
Team-based model for non-operating room airway management
Capnogram slope and ventilation dead space parameters
Predictors of difficult videolaryngoscopy with GlideScope® or C-MAC® with D-blade
Comparison of pathogenicity prediction tools on missense variants in RYR1 and CACNA1S associated with malignant hyperthermia
Continuous non-invasive cardiac output monitoring during exercise
Effects of stellate ganglion block on cerebrovascular vasodilation in elderly patients and patients with subarachnoid haemorrhage
Comparison of high and low pillow heights for tracheal tube intubation with the Pentax-AWS Airwayscope®
Anticipating guidelines for ultrasound-guided arterial catheterization
Relationship between bioreactance and magnetic resonance imaging stroke volumes
A further plea for a unified classification of supraglottic (extraglottic) airway devices
A new view of safety
Increasing opportunities for intubation training for foundation doctors
Achieving both patient safety and developing trainees' airway skills
CUMSUM cannot define competency
Feasibility study questions
A randomized feasibility study to assess a novel strategy to rationalize fluid in patients after cardiac surgery
Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia in Children (A Practical Guide)
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