End-of-life in the ICU : moving from ‘withdrawal of care’ to a palliative care, patient-centred approach
Measurement for improvement in anaesthesia and intensive care
Limitations of videolaryngoscopy
Effects of anaesthesia on paediatric lung function
Acute risk change (ARC) identifies outlier institutions in perioperative cardiac surgical care when the standardized mortality ratio cannot
Preoperative heart rate and myocardial injury after non-cardiac surgery : results of a predefined secondary analysis of the VISION study
A national survey of the impact of NAP4 on airway management practice in United Kingdom hospitals : closing the safety gap in anaesthesia, intensive care and the emergency department
Covert stroke after non-cardiac surgery : a prospective cohort study
Ultrasonographic measurement of antral area for estimating gastric fluid volume in parturients
Microcirculatory changes in children undergoing cardiac surgery : a prospective observational study
Cerebrospinal fluid volume in neonates undergoing spinal anaesthesia : a descriptive magnetic resonance imaging study
Displacement of popliteal sciatic nerve catheters after major foot and ankle surgery : a randomized controlled double-blinded magnetic resonance imaging study†
Perioperative assessment of regional ventilation during changing body positions and ventilation conditions by electrical impedance tomography
Surgicric 2 : A comparative bench study with two established emergency cricothyroidotomy techniques in a porcine model
An appropriate inspiratory flow pattern can enhance CO2 exchange, facilitating protective ventilation of healthy lungs
Phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate induces nociceptin in human Mono Mac 6 cells via multiple transduction signalling pathways
Association of intraoperative arterial blood pressure lability with postoperative adverse outcome : no one size fits all
Impairment of innate immune function by hydroxyethyl starch
Programmes, guidelines, and protocols : the antithesis of precision medicine?
Heterogeneous population
Reply : heterogeneous population
Dexmedetomidine : a valuable sedative currently not widely available in the UK
Restoration to normal physiology without the use of excessive fluids
Ketamine : a ‘One Health’ issue for us all
Ketamine : a positive–negative anaesthetic agent
Simultaneous measurement of mean arterial pressure with reference to both the phlebostatic axis and middle cranial fossa in the calculation of cerebral perfusion pressure
Fentanyl-induced cough is a risk factor for postoperative nausea and vomiting
Effect of positive end-expiratory pressure on pulmonary shunt and dynamic compliance during abdominal surgery
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