New approaches to the development of expertise in anaesthesia
Psychological assessment to identify patients at risk of postsurgical pain
Fibrinogen—is it a universal haemostatic agent?
Perioperative anaphylaxis grading system
Team working in airway crisis
Measure, interpret, apply — the MIA rule in critical care monitoring
Troponin elevations after non-cardiac, non-vascular surgery are predictive of major adverse cardiac events and mortality
Reporting of method comparison studies
Fibrinogen supplementation ex vivo increasesclot firmness comparable to platelet transfusion in thrombocytopenia†
Ex vivo reversal of effects of rivaroxaban evaluated using thromboelastometry and thrombin generation assay
Compliance with evidence-based clinical management guidelines in bleeding trauma patients
Global patient outcomes after elective surgery
Evaluation of clinical practice in perioperative patient blood management
I.V. paracetamol as an adjunct to patient-controlled epidural analgesia with levobupivacaine and fentanyl in labour
Non-invasive measurement of renal perfusion and oxygen metabolism to predict postoperative acute kidney injury in neonates and infants after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
Does dexamethasone have a perineural mechanism of action? A paired, blinded, randomized, controlled study in healthy volunteers
Development, psychometric evaluation and validation of a brief measure of emotional preoperative stress (B-MEPS) to predict moderate to intense postoperative acute pain†
High PEEP in acute respiratory distress syndrome
MitoVitE, a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant, limits paclitaxel-induced oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage in vitro, and paclitaxel-induced mechanical hypersensitivity in a rat pain model
ROC curve comparison of ICNARC and POSSUM in a UK critical care unit
Adductor canal block and the thigh tourniquet
Risk tools for emergency laparotomy
Circulating and intra-thoracic vs stressed and unstressed volumes
Perioperative factors associated with acute kidney injury after partial nephrectomy
Unexpected difficult intubation
The ageing brain
More on ramped position and 25-degree head up positions
The difficult airway and or obesity and the importance of positioning
The effect of patient warming during Caesarean delivery on maternal and neonatal outcomes
Possible mechanism(s) for acupressure PONV prophylaxis
High risk multi-disciplinary process for major cancer surgery
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