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Volatile anaesthetics and organ protection in kidney transplantation: finally, a randomized controlled trial!
‘Failed supraglottic airway’: an algorithm for suboptimally placed supraglottic airway devices based on videolaryngoscopy
Critical airways, critical language
Engaging in risky business: is it time to rethink risk tolerance in anaesthesia?
It's not about the bike: enhancing oxygen delivery
Efficacy and safety of inhaled anaesthetic for postoperative sedation during mechanical ventilation in adult cardiac surgery patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Drug safety in paediatric anaesthesia
Neural network imaging to characterize brain injury in cardiac procedures: the emerging utility of connectomics
Randomized trial of red cell washing for the prevention of transfusion-associated organ injury in cardiac surgery
Comparison of preoperative and intraoperative assessment of aortic stenosis severity by echocardiography
Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic model for unfractionated heparin dosing during cardiopulmonary bypass
Altered preoperative coagulation and fibrinolysis are associated with myocardial injury after non-cardiac surgery
Propofol-based anaesthesia versus sevoflurane-based anaesthesia for living donor kidney transplantation: results of the VAPOR-1 randomized controlled trial
Measuring the anaesthesia clinical learning environment at the department level is feasible and reliable
Go/no-go decision in anaesthesia: wide variation in risk tolerance amongst anaesthetists
Total haemoglobin mass, but not haemoglobin concentration, is associated with preoperative cardiopulmonary exercise testing-derived oxygen-consumption variables
Burst-suppression ratio underestimates absolute duration of electroencephalogram suppression compared with visual analysis of intraoperative electroencephalogram
Patient choice compared with no choice of intrathecal morphine dose for caesarean analgesia: a randomized clinical trial
Efficacy and safety of carbetocin given as an intravenous bolus compared with short infusion for Caesarean section - double-blind, double-dummy, randomized controlled non-inferiority trial
Effect of caudal block using different volumes of local anaesthetic on optic nerve sheath diameter in children: a prospective, randomized trial
Early or late fresh frozen plasma administration in newborns and small infants undergoing cardiac surgery: the APPEAR randomized trial
Medication errors in paediatric anaesthesia: the hidden part of the iceberg
Anaesthetic considerations for hybrid atrial fibrillation surgery
Real-time ultrasound-guided paramedian spinal anaesthesia: evaluation of the efficacy and the success rate of single needle pass
A different use of visual analytic techniques in anaesthetics
The diagnostic challenge of a vitamin K antagonist with dabigatran use triggering massive intracranial haemorrhage
Reply—stopping antithrombotics during regional anaesthesia and eye surgery: crying wolf?
Suturing central venous catheters
Classification of videolaryngoscopes is crucial
An unusual sidestream capnogram
Dead or dying? Pulseless electrical activity during trauma resuscitation
Oxford Textbook of Vascular Surgery