Triple low, double low : it’s time to deal Achilles heel a single deadly blow
Some light in the grey zone?
The Goldilocks principle as it applies to perioperative blood pressure : what is too high, too low, or just right?
Quality metrics : hard to develop, hard to validate
Sleep deprived and unprepared
Supplemental oxygen and surgical site infection : getting to the truth
Intraoperative fraction of inspired oxygen : bringing back the focus on patient outcome
Methodology in systematic reviews of goal-directed therapy : improving but not perfect
Perioperative goal-directed therapy with uncalibrated pulse contour methods : impact on fluid management and postoperative outcome
Digital innovations and emerging technologies for enhanced recovery programmes
Prolonged concurrent hypotension and low bispectral index (‘double low’) are associated with mortality, serious complications, and prolonged hospitalization after cardiac surgery
Predictor of fluid responsiveness in the ‘grey zone’ : augmented pulse pressure variation through a temporary increase in tidal volume
Post-induction hypotension and early intraoperative hypotension associated with general anaesthesia
Cohort study of preoperative blood pressure and risk of 30-day mortality after elective non-cardiac surgery
Association between preoperative pulse pressure and perioperative myocardial injury : an international observational cohort study of patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery
Elevated preoperative heart rate is associated with cardiopulmonary and autonomic impairment in high-risk surgical patients
Predicting postoperative morbidity in adult elective surgical patients using the Surgical Outcome Risk Tool (SORT)
Hypotension during induction of anaesthesia is neither a reliable nor a useful quality measure for comparison of anaesthetists’ performance
Continuous monitoring and feedback of quality of recovery indicators for anaesthetists : a qualitative investigation of reported effects on professional behaviour
Impact of sleep deprivation on anaesthesia residents’ non-technical skills : a pilot simulation-based prospective randomized trial
UK anaesthetists’ perspectives and experiences of severe perioperative anaphylaxis : NAP6 baseline survey†
High intraoperative inspiratory oxygen fraction and risk of major respiratory complications
Premedication with salbutamol prior to surgery does not decrease the risk of perioperative respiratory adverse events in school-aged children
Supraglottic jet oxygenation and ventilation enhances oxygenation during upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in patients sedated with propofol : a randomized multicentre clinical trial
Rising sudden death among anaesthesiologists in China
Pupillary dilatation associated with volatile anaesthetics : a small case series
ISO (Infraclavicular–SubOmohyoid) block : a single-puncture technique for diaphragm- and opioid-sparing shoulder anaesthesia
Lip, tooth, and pharyngeal injuries during tracheal intubation at a teaching hospital
Reply to ‘Transnasal humidified rapid-insufflation ventilatory exchange (THRIVE) in children : a randomized controlled trial’
Somatic tissue oxygenation monitoring
Cohort study of preoperative blood pressure and risk of 30-day mortality after elective non-cardiac surgery
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