Transfer of dexamphetamine into breast milk during treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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To investigate dexamphetamine transfer into milk, infant doses and effects in the breast-fed infant.


Four women taking dexamphetamine, and their infants were studied.


The median maternal dexamphetamine dose was 18 mg day−1 (range 15–45 mg day−1). Median (interquartile range) descriptors were 3.3 (2.2–4.8) for milk/plasma ratio, 21 μg kg−1 day−1 (11–39) for absolute infant dose and 5.7% (4–10.6%) for relative infant dose. No adverse effects were seen. In three infants tested, dexamphetamine in plasma was undetected in one (limit of detection 1 μg l−1) and present at 18 μg l−1 and 2 μg l−1 in the other two.


Dexamphetamine readily transfers into milk. The relative infant dose was <10% and within a range that is generally accepted as being ‘safe’ in the short term.

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