Expression profiling of radiation-induced genes in radiodermatitis of hairless mice

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Radiation induces many cellular events leading to radiodermatitis.


The aim of this study was to establish a radiodermatitis model using experimental animals, and to examine the expression profile of radiation-induced genes.


Hairless mice were irradiated on the dorsal skin; then total RNAs were isolated and microarray hybridizations were performed.


Irradiation with a total of 40 Gy (10 Gy day−1 for four consecutive days) provokes radiodermatitis in the hairless mouse. After microarray analysis, 130 genes that showed upregulation by radiation were selected and organized into four different clusters, depending on the time-kinetic pattern. Classification of these genes into several functional categories revealed that various biological processes were globally affected by radiation. These include transcription regulation, signal transduction, cell communication, cell death regulation and metabolism.


These results demonstrate the complexity of the transcriptional profile of the radiation response, providing important clues on which to base further investigations of the molecular events underlying radiodermatitis.

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