Splicing and missense mutations in the human FXIIIA gene causing FXIII deficiency: effects of these mutations on FXIIIA RNA processing and protein structure

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We have investigated the molecular basis of factor XIII (FXIII) deficiency in a family from the north-west region of the U.K. and identified two sequence changes in the FXIII subunit A (FXIIIA) gene. We report a novel Asn to Lys mutation at codon 541, and a g [arrow right] a mutation at the intron 5/exon 6 splice junction in the FXIIIA gene. The splicing mutation results in two abnormal FXIIIA transcripts. The Asn541 residue is important for stabilizing an external fold in the FXIIIA barrel 1 domain. The Asn541Lys mutation is expected to result in inappropriate folding and therefore an unstable FXIIIA molecule.

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