VAD or VMBCP in multiple myeloma refractory to or relapsing after cyclophosphamide-prednisone therapy (protocol MY 85)*

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263 patients (median age 65+/-10 years) with multiple myeloma were treated with cyclophosphamide-prednisone. Out of this cohort, 103 patients had progressive disease and were randomly assigned to either VAD (vincristine, doxorubicin, dexamethasone; 50 cases) or VMBCP (vincristine, BCNU, cyclophosphamide, melphalan and prednisone; 53 cases). There were no statistical differences between the two groups with the respect to clinical, biological and radiological parameters.

There was no difference in survival between the VAD and VMBCP groups.The 4 months response rate was similar in the two groups (50% VAD, 56% VMBCP). With multivariate analysis for survival (Cox model), two factors had a statistically significant impact: Karnofsky index (>60) and albuminaemia (<34 g/l). With both Karnofsky index > 60 and albuminaemia >or= to 34 g/l, the median survival was 29 months v 2 months with a Karnofsky index

In conclusion, VAD or VMBCP had similar activity for salvage treatment in MM refractory or relapsing to first-line treatment with cyclophosphamide-prednisone.

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