Concurrent chromosomal alterations at 3q27, 8q24 and 18q21 in B-cell lymphomas

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Summary Recurrent chromosomal translocations in malignant lymphomas most commonly involved 18q21(bcl-2), 8q24 (c-myc) and 3q27 (bcl-6), with an incidence of 27%, 11% and 6%, respectively. Individual cases concurrently harbouring two of these three rearrangements have been previously reported. This report describes four patients with cytogenetic alterations affecting all three loci, which was confirmed by molecular analysis in one case. Clinically, each patient had aggressive B-cell lymphoma with disseminated disease often involving the central nervous system, poor response to chemotherapy and short survival. Activation of c-myc in association with deregulation of bcl-2, bcl-6 or both confers high-grade disease with a poor prognosis.

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