Rituximab pharmacokinetics in children and adolescents withde novointermediate and advanced mature B-cell lymphoma/leukaemia: a Children's Oncology Group report

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The ANHL01P1 trial was undertaken to determine pharmacokinetics and safety following the addition of rituximab to French-American-British/Lymphome Malins de Burkitt (FAB/LMB96) chemotherapy in 41 children and adolescents with Stage III/IV mature B-cell lymphoma/leukaemia. Patients received rituximab (375 mg/m2) days −2 and 0 of two induction cycles and day 0 of two consolidation cycles. Highest peak levels were achieved following the second dose of each induction cycle [299 ± 19 and 384 ± 25 μg/ml (Group-B); 245 ± 31 and 321 ± 32 μg/ml (Group-C)] with sustained troughs and t½ of 26–29 d. Rituximab can be safely added to FAB chemotherapy with high early rituximab peak/trough levels and a long t½.

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