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Measuring the need for life-saving obstetric surgery in developing countries
Fetal responses to placental insufficiency
Umbilical artery blood gas parameters in neonates with early onset seizures who die
Neurokinin B and nitric oxide plasma levels in pre-eclampsia and isolated intrauterine growth restriction
Maternal cardiac function during pregnancy at high altitude
Rectal analgesia for the relief of perineal pain after childbirth
Planned caesarean section decreases the risk of adverse perinatal outcome due to both labour and delivery complications in the Term Breech Trial
A randomised double-blind comparison of epidural fentanyl versus fentanyl and bupivicaine for pain relief in the second stage of labour
Diamorphine for pain relief in labour
Higher order repeat caesarean sections
Randomised controlled trial of bipolar radio-frequency endometrial ablation and balloon endometrial ablation
A cost–utility analysis of microwave and thermal balloon endometrial ablation techniques for the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding
Hysterectomy improves quality of life and decreases psychiatric symptoms
A history of sexual abuse and health
Domestic violence
Informed consent for elective and emergency surgery
Pre-myomectomy uterine artery embolisation minimises operative blood loss
Fatal septicaemia following rupture of a gangrenous fibroid
Successful photodynamic therapy of vulval Paget's disease using a novel patch-based delivery system containing 5-aminolevulinic acid
Symptomatic hepatic polycystic disease and pregnancy
Enhorning's theory of urinary continence is it correct?
Sexual function and genital sensation following feminising genitoplasty
InhibinA as a predictor of pregnancy outcome in recurrent miscarriage
Raised blood pressure in second generation offspring of protein restricted rat dams
Long-term consequences of pregnancy
Allelic carriage of the interleukin 13–1055 (C/T) functional single nucleotide polymorphism determines susceptibility to very preterm labour (<32 weeks)
Learning from adverse events
Cystic fibrosis carriage—a concern in azoospermic males?
Investigating the effect of pre-eclamptic plasma on microvessel permeability in-vivo
Does labouring human myometrium differ from non-labouring?
Fenofibrate-mediated inhibition of endometrial cancer cell growth occurs in association with activation of the PPAR-alpha receptor
The effect of mechanical stretch on NFkappaB DNA binding in human amnion
Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury—Does the repair technique affects the outcome?
Proteomic analysis of the myometrial proteome
Correction of cord serum bile acid38rofiles after treatment of obstetric cholestasis with ursodeoxycholic acid
Alterations in the levels of the endocannabinoid, anandamide, during gestation—a potential role in pregnancy maintenance
Normal human pregnancy is associated with an elevation in the immune suppressive CD4+/ CD25+regulatory T cell subset
Endothelial and vascular smooth muscle function in a rat model for polycystic ovary syndrome
Novel PgF2α receptor antagonism and BKCa channel activity in human uterus during pregnancy and preterm labour
In pre-eclampsia (PE), circulating factor(s) precede clinical disease, irrespective of mid-trimester Doppler waveform and development of associated IUGR
Increased L-Cystine transport in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBM) and oxidative stress in pre-eclampsia
Phytoestrogens reduce sperm motility in vivo and in vitro
Protein Kinase A catalytic and regulatory holoenzyme expression, activity and association with A kinase anchoring proteins in human myometrium during pregnancy and labour
Recurrent miscarriage
Sildenafil (Viagra) restores endometrial perfusion in women with unexplained subfertility
Protein Z concentrations in normal pregnancy
Continence outcome after fourth degree obstetric injury—a prospective review
A prospective community-based cohort study of women undergoing routine cervical screening
Angiotensinogen (AGT( gene variants in fetal growth restriction (FGR)
The variant T allele of the interferon (IFN)-γ + 874 (A/T) polymorphism increases susceptibility to mild/moderate, but not severe, pre-eclampsia
17α-hydroxyprogesterone caproate (17P) and human myometrial contractility in vitro
Thromboelastographic assessment of whole blood haemostasis in pregnancy—a prospective longitudinal study
Ultrasound guided delivery of gene therapy to the early gestation fetal sheep brain
Sialomucin Complex (MUC4) Immunolocalisation in Normal Endometrium and Endometrial Neoplasia
The effect of superoxide anions on human myometrial contractility
FasL is expressed in fallopian tube and induces apoptosis of activated T cells
Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS), recurrent miscarriage and long-term thrombotic episodes—Is there a link?
The impact of body mass index on the outcome of burch colposuspension for urodynamic stress incontinence
Management and outcome of patients referred with grade 5 smears
Human fetal mesenchymal stem cells for intrauterine cellular therapy
The role of Gap Junctions in Omental arteries—normal pregnancy and pre-eclampsia
Maternal undernutrition in the rat affects modulation of myogenic reactivity in the uterine arteries in the pregnant offspring
A study of the characteristics of the spiral arteries in the placental bed of normal and pre-eclamptic pregnancies
The NICE guidelines