Recent advances in Urogynaecology : Proceedings of the Joint RCOG/BSUG Meeting on Incontinence and Prolapse, RCOG 16–19 June 2003
Epidemiology of incontinence and prolapse
Pathophysiology of urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse
Oestrogens and the lower urinary tract
Urinary incontinence—older people : where are we now?
Dispelling the myth—does hysterectomy cause pelvic organ dysfunction?
Role of imaging in urogynaecology
Measuring quality of life in urogynaecology
The role of pelvic floor muscle training in urinary incontinence
Mid-urethral tapes : which? Review of available commercial mid-urethral tapes for the correction of stress incontinence
Is there a role for colposuspension?
The treatment of stress incontinence—is there a role for laparoscopy?
Detrusor overactivity—an update
Interstitial cells of the bladder : the missing link?
Devices for continence and prolapse
Management of prolapse of the anterior compartment
Management of the posterior compartment
The vaginal vault
Pathophysiology and nonsurgical treatment of anal incontinence