The epidemiology of preterm labour
Lung and brain damage in preterm newborns, and their association with gestational age, prematurity subgroup, infection/inflammation and long term outcome
The economic consequences of preterm birth duringthe first 10 years of life
Role of cytokines in preterm labour and brain injury
Role of matrix metalloproteinases in preterm labour
Changes in the cervical competence in preterm labour
Current understanding of genetic factors in preterm birth
Preterm premature rupture of membranes : diagnosis, evaluation and management strategies
Primary predictors of preterm labour
Secondary predictors of preterm labour
Strategies for prevention—cervical cerclage
The changing role of progesterone in preterm labour
Controversies in diagnosis of preterm labour
Management of the neonate at the limits of viability
Can antibiotics prevent preterm birth—the pro and con debate
Adverse effects of tocolytic therapy
Nifedipine trials : effectiveness and safety aspects
A review of the role for magnesium sulphate in preterm labour
Combination therapy
Frequently asked questions on tocolytics
Genetic factors in preterm birth—the future
Use of uterine EMG and cervical LIF in monitoring pregnant patients
The bioethics of preterm labour
Impact of medically assisted fertility on preterm birth
Maintenance tocolysis