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Plasma volume expansion and delaying delivery in pre-eclampsia
Patient safety and adverse maternal health outcomes
Selective feticide in complicated monochorionic twin pregnancies using ultrasound-guided bipolar cord coagulation
A population-based study of the prenatal diagnosis of congenital malformation over 16 years
A randomised controlled trial comparing two temporising management strategies, one with and one without plasma volume expansion, for severe and early onset pre-eclampsia
The future of prenatal diagnosis
Two-year neurodevelopmental outcome in children conceived by intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Antral follicle count, anti-mullerian hormone and inhibin B
Diminished pregnancy rates in endometriosis due to impaired uterotubal transport assessed by hysterosalpingoscintigraphy
Laterality in five-year-olds conceived by intracytoplasmic sperm injection, standard in vitro fertilisation and natural conception
Bleeding profiles and effects on the endometrium for women using a novel combination of transdermal oestradiol and natural progesterone cream as part of a continuous combined hormone replacement regime
XY females
Marriage still protects pregnancy
One-trocar salpingectomy for the treatment of tubal pregnancy
Parallel vertical compression sutures
Transabdominal cerclage
Hormonal and sonographic assessment of ovarian reserve before and after laparoscopic ovarian drilling in polycystic ovary syndrome
Changes in booking body mass index over a decade
The C46T polymorphism of the coagulation factor XII gene and idiopathic recurrent miscarriage
Changes of plasma vascular endothelial growth factor level after uterine artery embolisation for leiomyomata
Uterine artery embolisation for massive uterine fibroids in the presence of submassive pulmonary emboli
Severe maternal virilisation of benign aetiology in two successive pregnancies
Ultrasound assessment of fetal musculo-skeletal development
Serum and adipose tissue leptin in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Is there an impaired secretory mechanism?
Transperineal (TPUS) verses endoanal ultrasound (EAUS) in the diagnosis of anal sphincter injury in the immediate postpartum period
Does bladder wall thickness increase with age?
Polycystic ovaries, insulin resistance, hypofibrinolysis and recurrent miscarriage.
Recurrent miscarriage and endometrial adhesiveness.
Intervention with sub-optimally rising serum human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) levels.
In coeliac disease (CD) anti tissue transglutaminase antibodies (tTG A) bind to apical syncytial microvillous membrane (SMVM)
The isolation of pure and viable fetal T lymphocytes from Cord Blood
Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF( mediated vasodilation in the fetoplacental vasculature is partlially mediated by SRC Kinase signalling through the VEGFR-2 receptor
Reducing oxygen tension reduces β-hCG secretion, but not multi-nucleation in in-vitro trophoblasts
Toll like receptor (1–9) activity in the human placenta and changes associated with labour
The influence of labour and delivery on the angiotensin converting enzyme in the mother and fetus at term
Potassium channel expression in the human endometrium
Would high cholesterol be a cause for dysfunctional labour in obese women?
Pre-eclampsia is associated with minor alterations in the inflammatory response of whole blood in vitro.
Prevention of pre-eclampsia
The altered expression of oncoproteins in trophoblast of normal and pre-eclamptic pregnancies
There is no single circulating factor in pre-eclampsia (toxaemia)
The expression of α-defensins and β-defensin 1 in the endometrium and their role in implantation
Calcium signalling and human uterine contractions during hypoxia
Management of severe hypertension in pregnancy
An analysis of the association of the CYP1A1 metabolic gene with intrauterine fetal growth restriction
Development of logistic regression models to predict chlamydial infection in women attending an acute gynaecology unit (AGU)
The role of estradiol implants in management of menopause
The practical application of a mathematical model to predict the outcome of pregnancies of unknown location (PULs)
CD55 & CD59 are expressed on the inner acrosomal membrane of human sperm, as well as CD46
Proteomics approach to the serological markers of pre-eclampsia
Four years and 400 women
The effect of antiepileptic drugs on trophoblast function
Caesarean section and calorific intake in labour; the influence of carbohydrate solution intake during labour
Informed consent for elective and emergency surgery
Informed consent for elective and emergency surgery
The use of levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system for treatment of menorrhagia in women with inherited bleeding disorders
Multifilament polypropylene mesh for urinary incontinence
Randomised controlled trial comparing efficacy of same day administration of mifepristone and misoprostol for termination of pregnancy with the standard 36- to 48-hour protocol
The Release Trial