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Open or laparoscopic colposuspension for stress incontinence : new evidence too late?
Acute postpartum uterine inversion with haemorrhagic shock
Time to re-visit the role of haemodynamic monitoring in obstetrics?
Prognosis for the co-twin following single-twin death : a systematic review
Laparoscopic versus open Burch colposuspension : a randomised controlled trial
Laparoscopic versus open colposuspension—results of a prospective randomised controlled trial
Cost-effectiveness analysis of open colposuspension versus laparoscopic colposuspension in the treatment of urodynamic stress incontinence
Psychological wellbeing after laparoscopic and abdominal hysterectomy—a randomised controlled multicentre study
Active warming as emergency interventional care for the treatment of pelvic pain
Operative laparoscopy for unruptured ectopic pregnancy in a caesarean scar
Contraceptive effect of sperm-agglutinating factor isolated from Staphylococcus aureus in mouse
Maternal total vascular resistance and concentric geometry : a key to identify uncomplicated gestational hypertension
Oxidative stress in midpregnancy as a predictor of gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia
Factors associated with the awareness and practice of evidence-based obstetric care in an African setting
Fasting capillary glucose as a screening test for gestational diabetes mellitus
Prenatal isolated mild ventriculomegaly : outcome in 167 cases
A cost-effectiveness analysis of the intrapartum fetal pulse oximetry multicentre randomised controlled trial (the FOREMOST trial)
Oral inosiplex in the treatment of cervical condylomata acuminata : a randomised placebo-controlled trial
Adjusting bladder neck sling length to maximise same-day voiding
Can we improve the diagnosis of rupture of membranes? The value of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1
Acute postpartum uterine inversion with haemorrhagic shock : laparoscopic reduction
A comparison of intrapartum automated fetal electrocardiography and conventional cardiotocography—a randomised controlled study
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