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The state of political priority for safe motherhood in India
Protecting the health and safety of female sex workers
Does fetal bladder drainage have a role? PLUTO—a trial long overdue
Use of C-reactive protein as a predictor of chorioamnionitis in preterm prelabour rupture of membranes
Randomised controlled trial of two antenatal care models in rural Zimbabwe
Follow up and evaluation of the Victorian first-trimester combined screening programme for Down syndrome and trisomy 18
Change in heart rate variability in relation to a significant ST-event associates with newborn metabolic acidosis
Concurrent oxytocin with dinoprostone pessary versus dinoprostone pessary in labour induction of nulliparas with an unfavourable cervix
Accuracy of cervical assessment in the active phase of labour
Aromatherapy in childbirth
Variations in policies for management of the third stage of labour and the immediate management of postpartum haemorrhage in Europe
Trends in mode of delivery during 1984–2003
Maternal mortality in Yunnan, China
Health needs and service use of parlour-based prostitutes compared with street-based prostitutes
Direct imaging of the pelvic floor muscles using two-dimensional ultrasound
Surgical outcome and long-term follow up after laparoscopic rectosigmoid resection in women with deep infiltrating endometriosis
Pregnancy outcomes and antiretroviral treatment in a national cohort of pregnant women with HIV
Chronic hydrocephalus
PLUTO trial protocol
Internal iliac artery ligation for arresting postpartum haemorrhage
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Questioning the accuracy of radiological investigations, methodology and cost-effectiveness of study titled ‘Adenomyosis and risk of preterm delivery’ by Juang et al.
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Fast and easy provisional treatment of severe postpartum haemorrhage
Delayed cord clamping and objections
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Increased blood loss in upright birthing positions originates from perineal laceration
Consensus on the management of obstetric cholestasis
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