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Providing information to pregnant women : how, what and where?
Is informed choice in prenatal testing universally valued? A population-based survey in Europe and Asia
Choice and birth method : mixed-method study of caesarean delivery for maternal request
Women's views on the use of decision aids for decision making about the method of delivery following a previous caesarean section : qualitative interview study
Healthcare professionals' views on two computer-based decision aids for women choosing mode of delivery after previous caesarean section : a qualitative study
Radiofrequency ablation of retained placenta accreta after conservative management : preliminary evaluation in the pregnant ewe and in normal human placenta in vitro
A trend analysis in referrals during pregnancy and labour in Dutch midwifery care 1988–2004
Estimating intrapartum-related perinatal mortality rates for booked home births : when the ‘best’ available data are not good enough
Occupational predictors of pregnancy outcomes in Irish working women in the Lifeways cohort
Maternal anthropometrics are associated with fetal size in different periods of pregnancy and at birth. The Generation R Study
Intake of vitamin C and E in pregnancy and risk of pre-eclampsia : prospective study among 57 346 women
Transient high glycaemic intake in the last trimester of pregnancy increases offspring birthweight and postnatal growth rate in sheep : a randomised control trial
Treating miscarriages : a randomised study of cost-effectiveness in medical or surgical choice
Lymphovascular space involvement in early stage well-differentiated endometrial cancer is associated with increased mortality
Pregnancy outcome in women with factor V Leiden and recurrent miscarriage
Recurrent uterine inversion : a novel treatment approach using SOS Bakri balloon
Mifepristone and Misoprostol for the management of placenta accreta – a new alternative approach
Remember violence when investigating stress and stillbirth
Gynaecological surgery
Fear of childbirth according to parity, gestational age and obstetric history
Fear of childbirth according to parity, gestational age and obstetric history
Watching the screen during hysteroscopy : a patient choice
Watching the screen during hysteroscopy : a patient choice
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