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Obstetric management of women after treatment for CIN
Maternal and perinatal outcome in women with threatened miscarriage in the first trimester
After conisation of the cervix, the perinatal mortality as a result of preterm delivery increases in subsequent pregnancy
Pregnancy outcome after cervical conisation
Preterm delivery and risk of subsequent cardiovascular morbidity and type-II diabetes in the mother
Cardiac arrest in pregnancy
Birth outcomes in primiparous women who were raped as adults
Intraluminal pressure readings during the establishment of a positive ‘tamponade test’ in the management of postpartum haemorrhage
Identifying practices and ideas to improve the implementation of maternal mortality reduction programmes
Different profiles of circulating angiogenic factors and adipocytokines between early- and late-onset pre-eclampsia
The role of urinary soluble endoglin in the diagnosis of pre-eclampsia
Hyperoxia and prevention of adhesion formation
Fertility-sparing laparoscopic radical trachelectomy for young women with early stage cervical cancer
Urban–rural differences of gynaecological malignancies in Egypt (1999–2002)
A 2-year observational study to determine the efficacy of a novel single incision sling procedure (MinitapeTM) for female stress urinary incontinence
The association between Mycoplasma genitalium and pelvic inflammatory disease after termination of pregnancy
Management challenges of a live 12-week sub-hepatic intra-abdominal pregnancy
Vaginal repair with mesh versus colporrhaphy for prolapse
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Factors relating to a rising incidence of major postpartum haemorrhage
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Practical application of customised growth charts
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The ‘trio’ condom catheter
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